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Free Yourself of Anxiety & Take Back Control of Your Life in Just 30-Days, by Rewiring Your Brain and Subconscious Mind WITHOUT Needing Years of Therapy or Breaking the Bank.

30-days to feeling calm and grounded no matter the circumstances
with Sarah Kelt, YOUR Rapid Transformational Therapy Coach!

Empower Yourself and Transform Your Anxieties Into Courage & Confidence In Just 20 Minutes A Day, from the comfort of your home

Your Extraordinary Life Starts Here! 

Click Below to Free Your Mind:

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“Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for your help and amazing therapy. I felt quite heavy yesterday. Today I woke up full of energy and I feel much more free and open than before.


Looking forward to fall asleep with your recording and all the good thoughts about myself.”


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Are you exhausted from constant worry, fear and overwhelm?

Do you feel trapped in your own mind and paralyzed by fear?

Are you sick of not being able to control the nonstop roller coaster of thoughts? 

Do you feel frustrated that you don’t know how to deal with the rise of panic and the emotional storms that seem to get on top of you?

Do you feel completely worn out and lack the energy and clarity you need to get through your day?

I’m guessing you’ve struggled with gaining control of your thoughts and falling victim to your mind’s overly harsh self-judgment, right? 

I bet you are sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed and dream about feeling mentally strong no matter the circumstances? 

You long for calm, clarity, and inner peace… to be unstoppable, without worrying or being paralyzed by fear, right?

You desire to have mastery over your thoughts, to feel empowered and take back control… am I close?

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Does any of this sound familiar?


Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way.

I know what it means to live with anxiety

I'm Sarah Kelt,
a Clinical Hypnotherapist and an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist.

I grew up in New Zealand, and after living 22 years in London and Dubai, I decided it was time for change as I was burnt out, experiencing crippling anxiety with bouts of depression, and was not enjoying my life, which seemingly looked 'perfect' from the outside. 

My professional background in Investment Banking and Finance taught me a lot, especially the hard lessons in not living a life of balance or mindfulness and not stopping to take the time to truly enjoy the journey, especially with those I loved. It was all about hustle, strive, pressure, comparison, judgement, and never being good enough! Which I know now, does not serve us in the long term. 

After a truly transformational year and a half living in Bali, I returned home to NZ with my children. Since hitting my lowest point, I have been deeply committed to my own personal journey of self discovery and growth. In the process I have tried many different healing modalities, spent hours upon hours, learning about and understanding the mind (conscious and subconscious), and taken personal growth and leadership courses as well as participated in numerous meditation, mindfulness and breathwork practices and programs and of course the truly phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapy training. 

I've created this Challenge for those of you looking for a self-paced course that will be easy, fast and effective to overcome anxiety for good. It uses proven techniques and methodologies to help you get free from anxiety and regain your strength and inner peace.

I have worked with hundreds of clients who have had success using this exact process… 

An anxiety free life is available to you, easily and quickly. 

I’m so glad you landed on this page.

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👉 Perhaps you've lived with anxiety for a long time, and you've started to normalize it - think that you should manage it on your own.

👉 Maybe you believe that anxiety is something you can't change and that you are stuck with it forever. 


Did you know?

👉 We all feel anxious at times, but anxiety becomes a problem when it influences our day-to-day life. 

👉 It can be incredibly debilitating and overwhelming and can show up in the form of withdrawing from friends and family and it can stop you from living your life.

👉 It might hold you back from applying for jobs, going for the promotion, starting your dream career, or even just getting out of bed or leaving the house can be a struggle some days. 

👉 Anxiety can feel paralyzing, all-consuming… It can make you feel incredibly stuck. 

Most people who struggle with worry, overwhelm, and anxiety think they need to try a little harder to get rid of their negative thoughts and feelings. Maybe "cheer up", think something positive, be a "high vibe". 

The pressure we feel from society/ culture/ family/ friends to ‘BE OK’ and have it all, is not helping either.

Even though sometimes thinking positive can help, it's actually just a band-aid and not a cure. 


To get rid of anxiety for good, it's crucial to look beneath the surface and get to the root cause.


I know it can be scary to acknowledge that you may have an issue or a struggle that you cannot overcome on your own, but…


… Reaching out for help is the first very courageous step you need to take.


Let me tell you, You DO NOT need fixing!

What you need is guidance and support to show you the way to heal yourself… and regulate your nervous system. 

… and it all starts by understanding YOU have the power to master your mind and transform the relationship you have with yourself.

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And you also don’t need to talk about your issues every week for the next 2 years…You have everything you need within you to overcome your challenges… 

Let me teach you how…


… let me teach how you can feel AMAZING and in control of your life in just 30 days!


Do you know what's causing your anxiety? I’m not talking about what your mind says it is, but on a subconscious level?


Think about your conscious mind as the top of the iceberg; the subconscious mind is everything that lies beneath, invisible to the eye. That's where we want to tap into to create a lasting change.


Working with your subconscious mind is fast, effective and easy. Doing the subconscious work through hypnotherapy means that it is easier to make the conscious changes in your life.


You don't need to spend years in therapy. What you need is to:


👉 Look beneath the surface and get to the root cause of your anxiety.

👉 Reprogram your subconscious mind.

👉 Commit to following a few easy processes to change your conscious thoughts, habits and behaviors for good. 

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​The real healing is in her choice of words, reprogramming the subconscious, a beautiful dance of pulling apart and then putting back together through a new lense of truth. It is the most powerful work I've ever done to change my view of myself, let go of the self-limiting beliefs that are holding me back and set myself on the path of my true potential.


Conquer your Anxiety and develop the ability to be present, calm and grounded through Rapid Transformational Therapy, Mindmastery Coaching and a deeply liberating and releasing breathwork journey. 

The 30-Day “Boundless Freedom from Anxiety Challenge” is designed to work with your subconscious mind and get to the root cause of your anxiety.


Through Rapid Transformational Therapy, breathwork and simple yet powerful teachings of the mind, you'll:


✅ Reprogram and integrate new beliefs, habits and behaviors that serve you and take you towards your desired life.

✅ Stop the roller coaster of uncontrollable thoughts and paralyzing fear.

✅ Feel empowered.

✅ Develop unshakable confidence.


You will also learn simple but extremely effective tools to integrate into your daily life on a conscious level.  Tools that support you to:


✅ Feel grounded & calm

✅ Ensure your nervous system stays regulated, so you never have to experience anxiety, overwhelm and panic attacks again.

✅ Rise above any challenges no matter the circumstances.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is therapy on steroids. It involves a combination of psychotherapy, CBT, NLP, regression therapy, inner child work and emotional wound healing to understand and let go of what is causing your anxiety.


RTT combined with a deeper understanding of your conscious internal dialogue and behaviors gives you freedom from anxiety.  Furthermore a breathwork journey allows you to release and let go of stress, trauma and wounding that we hold in our bodies.

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During this 30-Day, “Boundless Freedom from Anxiety Challenge”,

you will reset your mind body and soul… while also learning to:

✅ Get to the bottom of the direct cause of your anxiety.

✅ Stop focusing on what is wrong and focus on integrating tools daily that give you immediate relief.

✅ Be rid of overwhelm permanently, without long term therapy or band aids.

✅ Attain the calm, energy and confidence you are seeking.

✅ Feel empowered and in control of your life.

✅ Use proven tools that work in record time.

✅ Create a life worth living.

Plus, you’ll learn:


✅ How to change your internal dialogue and choose empowering thoughts.

✅ To release and let go of your subconscious beliefs, habits and behaviors that have been holding you back.

✅ How to free yourself from the loop of worry, overwhelm and anxiety you are stuck in.

✅ The root cause of your anxiety, so you can move towards what you really want.


As an additional bonus you’ll get:


✅ A powerful toolbox that you can use for the rest of your life, to shift your anxiety instantly and keep it away for good. 

And most importantly you’ll gain:


•   Greater levels of self-love and acceptance: When you live with anxiety, your mind constantly generates negative thoughts and self-doubt. Shifting your state of anxiety will bring you a connection with yourself and a deeper level of self-acceptance.

•   Clarity and peace of mind: When your mind is racing a hundred miles an hour and you cannot make it stop, you are disconnected from your intuition. That's when you are very likely experiencing confusion. Quieting your mind and anxiety will bring you clarity and trust in your decisions.

•   Expansiveness in your body: Anxiety affects you also on a physiological level. Having your body in constant fight or flight mode is extra stress for your body and weakens your immune system. Releasing anxiety can feel like being able to breathe again.

•   FREEDOM on all levels: Imagine being free from your negative thought patterns, racing heart and crippling fear. Being able to deal with whatever life sends your way and knowing that you always have a choice of how you want to feel and react to external circumstances - this is true freedom.

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Throughout my experience from my initial consultation, RTT session and multiple follow up conversations, I found Sarah far beyond my expectations. She was so non-judgemental and professional I found I could really open myself up. 


30-Day “Boundless Freedom from Anxiety Challenge”

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Module 1

Welcome to the Challenge

Module 2

The Power of the Mind

and understanding the root cause of anxiety

Module 3

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Module 5

Reprogramming Your Mind

for calm and inner peace

Module 4

RTT Hypnotherapy Session

Get to the root cause and let go of the subconscious beliefs, habits and behaviors, that have been keeping you stuck with anxiety

Module 6

Transform Your Anxiety

through a guided breathwork journey

👉 6 Modules to watch at your own pace
👉 Powerful and safe hypnosis audios from the comfort of your home
👉 Practical toolbox for working through anxiety that you can use for the rest of your life
👉 Teaching videos to understand the power of your mind and how to make it work for you
👉 A breathwork journey to release the physical strain that anxiety has caused. 

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Are you ready to experience peace, self-acceptance and START feeling alive again?

You might be thinking that you can go and do this on your own… but it’s taken me over 20 years of trial and error to perfect this system, not to mention all the money I wasted by not knowing what I didn’t know or where I should focus my efforts for maximum results.


I’ve done all the hard work so that you don’t have to!  


You can learn the secrets I used on myself personally and with my clients to be:


👉 Free of Anxiety permanently

👉 Feel Calm and Grounded, no matter the circumstances

👉 Build unshakeable confidence and stop the roller coaster of uncontrollable thoughts and paralyzing fear.

… and learn proven techniques to STEP into the most confident, calm version of YOU.

This challenge is about taking action…

Let me teach you proven techniques and methodologies to free you of your anxieties and help you build up your self-esteem to courageously create your desired life.

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Normally, a program like this would sell for upwards of $3k, but…


… for a limited time, you can get the entire

30-Day “Boundless Freedom from Anxiety Challenge”

for just, $97!

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You’ll get everything:

✅ All 6 modules

✅ The full Challenge to Free Yourself from Anxiety in just 30-Days

✅ Hypnosis Audio Files

✅ Meditations

✅ Breathwork Journey

✅ Teaching Videos

✅ Practical Toolbox

Plus you’ll get:

✅ Access to the Mindset Transformations Coaching App - giving you 24-hour Access to Your Challenge for On-Demand Learning That Works on Any Device.
✅ Learn from the Comfort of Your Home or Anywhere You Wish!
✅ Gain Access to the In-App Community & Accountability Section to Keep You motivated and Engaged from the Privacy of Your Home... a Safe Private Environment.
✅ Share Questions and Get Feedback within the App from Your Coach, Sarah Kelt!

This is an interactive challenge designed specifically for those that are ready to make a real change and take back control of their mind.

As you can imagine, this special offer won’t be here forever...

… so, act NOW and Click the button below to START Living Anxiety Free Today! 

"Thank you, Sarah. Your program is life-changing and for me life-saving."

- Irene G., 55 Years

Beautiful Sarah!!!!!!! YOUR WORK IS WICKED AMAZING!” 

- Melissa

“What a transformation. There is no barrier between me and the life I want to live. I deserve and am worthy of everything I desire.” 

- Ana

“Over the last 5 months, I've felt released from past negative beliefs, and I feel I have a clean slate from which to work from. I'm feeling more content and empowered than ever before and am excited about how the next chapter of my life will unfold.”  

- Alison

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After one RTT session with Sarah I felt so much clarity around where the anxiety stemmed from, and realised that the negative self talk that I experienced in my head each day was the main culprit. ​Sarah taught me how to recognise those negative thoughts and change them to positive ones. So now my subconscious thoughts are congruent with my conscious thoughts.


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