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Wow. Just did an RTT session with Sarah.


My goodness – I’m in awe of how she curated and captured all the rabbits and their holes that we exposed in such a short time.


Yes – I’ve ‘done the work’ and I could go straight there, in connecting rabbits to holes – but for someone to have caught on, got it and then curated it to a transformational session was quite something.


It felt/ feels so good to have done something so productive and empowering. I have identified my blocks and shadows to moving towards realising my magnificence.


She’s got a super power and she is using it. Highly recommend. There is 3-6 weeks of this integration/ supported guidance now, that I am accountable to. 

CT NZ, 46 Years

“I have been feeling anxious and worried for many years now and have never been able to pin point the cause of my anxiety or get rid of it.

After one RTT session with Sarah I felt so much clarity around where the anxiety stemmed from, and realised that the negative self talk that I experienced in my head each day was the main culprit.

Sarah taught me how to recognise those negative thoughts and change them to positive ones. So now my subconscious thoughts are congruent with my conscious thoughts.


I am so happy with the changes I have already experienced and am excited to learn more.

Thank you so much for your insight Sarah.”

Amy, Bali

“As soon as I first spoke with Sarah I felt at ease and comfortable discussing personal issues that I hadn’t shared with anyone before. She understood me, and was so genuine. I felt that she really did care about supporting me to understand where my issues came from.

I enjoyed the RTT session very much. I felt deeply relaxed and when it was completed I felt a huge sense of relief or lightness in my body. I noticed a shift in my mood immediately and over the next few weeks I continued to feel better and better.

I am so happy to have found Sarah and would highly recommend her.”

Jenny, Auckland

"I was lucky to have 2 RTT sessions with Sarah.


After my first session I felt a massive transformation in how I see myself. I was able to gain back my confidence and not to worry about my looks anymore. I was finally able to believe that I am a creative and artistic person and that I'm allowed to express myself and make mistakes.


Within a year I grew to love myself from outside and trust my inner strength. I actually took risks and started my own flower business. With my previous confidence  level I would have never been able to do that. In my first session I struggled to relax and trust the process but even then I had such a huge progress in personal growth that I knew it will be easier the second time around, and it was just MAGICAL.


I was able to experience episodes from my childhood that have built such strong patterns of how I'm acting now as a grown up woman. It was life changing. I know this time my transformation will be much more deeper and I will learn to love myself from inside out. After seeing Sarah I feel like she has become my life-long guardian and teacher.” 

Dita K,  Auckland Age 29 years

“My session with Sarah, and the personalised recording I listened to following our session, has had a profoundly positive effect on my life.

Over the last 5 months I’ve felt released from past negative beliefs and I feel I have a clean slate from which to work from.

I’m feeling more content and empowered than ever before and am excited about how the next chapter of my life will unfold.” 

Alison, Sydney

“My RTT session with Sarah has really helped change my mindset and thought patterns, I was having regular panic attacks that were taking over my health, my wellbeing my quality of life and my relationships.


Sarah gave me so much understanding on what was happening to me, giving me the tools and techniques that have made significant progress on my wellness. I now feel so much more self compassionate, less conditioned in judgement, and more in control of my mind.

I’m so glad I invested in my health and I hope I can encourage anyone that is struggling and suffering from anxiety to endeavour on finding their happiness with Sarah and her RTT process”. 

Page A, Auckland, 29 years old