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Access the personalised support and therapy to support you in transforming what holds you back. Are you tired of searching for all the answers in many different places?

Discover with my support the simplest approach you can take right now to positively impact your body, mind and life. 

My clients undergo a rapid transformation to heal and cure what is holding them back.

There are whole industries dedicated to telling you you’re broken. You need fixing. You’ll only be good enough when you progress more - do better - achieve more - until you actually can't deal with the burn out and start asking yourself - what do I really want? Who am I? 

That “success” and pressure of having more, doing more and being more means having a certain job, looking a certain way and living a certain lifestyle. And telling yourself all sorts of interesting stories. Until you break.

But let’s be honest, many health and wellness professionals –  will focus on what is wrong with you and spend months or even years focus on what is wrong.

You don’t need fixing. You just need tools that work in mind transformation. What you need is an internal revolution and relief from what you feel on a daily basis.

As a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist (what I do includes Psychotherapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Personal Coaching) -  I am driven by a desire to help everyone understand the simplicity of being able to smash through their limiting beliefs, to help you to see that everything you want and dream of is available to you and that usually the only person holding you back is YOU!

I support those who are going through a transition, challenge or change in their lives personally or professionally, whether it be Stress Management, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn), Self Confidence, Self Worth and Belief, Weight/Eating Disorders, Financial Resilience and simply helping overcome life’s hurdles.

Based in Auckland, I work with clients around NZ and internationally via Zoom. Through my powerful guidance, coaching techniques and my secret weapon, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), I can help you overcome life’s hurdles with a resilient mindset.

I have discovered, that true happiness, self-belief and achieving a balanced life is so simple. Something I wish I worked out earlier in life!

So, I want to share what I have learnt with you because I believe everyone deserves to live their very best life and to be free from beliefs and issues that hold them back or make them unhappy.

Sarah Kelt

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Transform With Full Support

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There Is Nothing Wrong With You

  • Do you think there is something wrong with you?

  • Have you tried ‘everything’ and nothing has helped?

  • Are you sick and tired of feeling like your mind is in control and that your life is out of control?

  • Do you feel guilt and shame every day for the ‘secrets’ you hide?

  • Do you beat yourself up and doubt yourself in everything you do?

  • Do you feel like you are living a lie??

When we are in a state of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, depression, lacking in self belief due to constant negative self talk and self doubt, or when we have an addiction we feel like we are not in control. 


It feels like our mind is running us.


And often that is the truth. 

But that is all about to change...

Hi, I'm Sarah Kelt

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) and Mindmastery Coach… I combine Personal Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and wellness into a holistic process that ensures you see results in record time. I am here to guide and teach you, how you can master your mind and overcome the struggles that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself.

I work with people who:

Based in Auckland for face-to-face sessions, I also consult with clients around NZ and internationally using ZOOM. Through my powerful guidance, coaching techniques and my secret weapon, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), I can help you live the life you deserve. 

More About Me

Talk to me in person and find out more about me here.
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Sarah is so authentic, caring and loving woman. I came to her with procrastination issues and after ONE session, I planned my whole year, including content, clients, launches and looked over all my cash flow.

She helped me understand how events of my past, influenced the woman I am today.

Once I realised that I’ve overcome so much, it’s been upwards and onwards since!

Highly recommend Sarah! 💓 


Let Me Support You

I know it can be very scary to acknowledge that you may have an issue, or struggle that you cannot overcome on your own. Reaching out for help is the first very courageous step you need to take. I am here for you! 


And let me tell, you are not broken. You do not need fixing. What you need is guidance, and support to show you the way to heal yourself and it all starts by understanding how you have the power to master your mind. 


You do not need another ‘band aid’ method like medication, and you also do not need to talk around, about and over your issues every week for the next 2 years…You have everything you need within you to overcome your challenges… let me teach you how and in 30 days you will be feeling AMAZING and in control of your mind! 


The methods, and processes I use will get you feeling better FAST. 


Rapid Transformational Therapy gets to the ROOT CAUSE AND REASON for your struggles easily and efficiently. The understanding you gain is incredibly liberating and healing and allows you to break negative patterns of behaviour, and thinking, allowing you to flourish and thrive. 

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I'm a big believer that...

I am a great believer that you cannot fix what you don’t understand, and I believe that in order to overcome the struggles that hold us back it is very important for us to understand the root, the cause and the reason for why we have this issue. And then I believe that it can be healed rapidly with the right support and the right tools. Fast. This is a powerful journey. It's a life changing transformation. Let me share all that I have with you to support you on this journey or life, hurdles and rapid transformation.

Sarah Kelt x