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The Only Program That Is Proven To Help You Stop Drinking For Good
The Fast & Easy Way

…without AA, boring therapy and even if you’ve tried and failed before. For those who want to 100% quit.

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Hello there, 


You deserve to quit drinking for good, or even have the ability to have an occasional drink without craving more, so you can regain control of your life. You deserve to have the health, body, self-confidence, and energy that you desire. If you've tried to quit drinking on your own and failed, this program is perfect for you, even if you're unsure if you can do it. Trust me, you can.

But First: Read This Disclaimer 


I get 100% results with my clients. Yes, 100%. Those results are certainly not typical right? Most people try many times, sometimes succeed for a week or a month, but ultimately relapse. My clients don't. Why?


Because they have access to my proven program and full support as their secret weapon. Because I understand them on a deep level. And because we address and eliminate the root cause of their addiction.


So if you're aware that alcohol is negatively impacting multiple aspects of your life, including your relationships and self-perception, let's get started.

Sarah Kelt

You deserve to overcome the constant urge to drink, without having to rely solely on your willpower to do so.

Imagine if you could get your hands on...

  • The only way to remove the issue for good, for real, and forever

  • Exactly how to get to the core of the problem and remove it, even if you're confused

  • TODAY, how we stop the issue today, not gradually, not in a month, but today

  • The holistic and empowering approach to generate the health, relationships, and life you want free of alcohol, even if you wonder who you will be without it

  • A proven system that has others getting 100% results and changing their lives

  • How to revamp your health, what to eat and drink, and how to lose weight and get your body back (we all know alcohol puts on the kgs)

  • How to eliminate your stress and be fully in control of your thoughts, urges and desires that are destructive

  • How to make alcohol invisible and banish the cravings

  • The best possible support and accountability from those who fully understand you and support you every step

  • Why traditional methods don’t work and can make you feel worse if you fail

  • When ditching the habit, what to replace alcohol with and how magical changes will happen in your life when you remove it

  • How to let go of the guilt and shame and if you’ve hurt others, what to do about healing the past

  • Say goodbye to cravings and how we make alcohol invisible even at parties and social gatherings

  • Why it’s ok for you to really have the life you truly want and have a picture of exactly what that looks like

  • How to see, feel, and believe that all of this is possible and fast

You see, I know all about alcohol addiction all too well. It near ruined my family and I’ve seen how sneaky it can be...

Maybe You Feel...

alcohol addiction help

You Don't Understand What's Going On & Why You Can't Stop

help to stop drinking

You've Lost Your Confidence & You Physically Feel Terrible

quit drinking

Everyday You Promise To Stop But Fail & Feel Full Of Shame & Guilt

Maybe you find yourself losing control when you drink, unable to stop once you've started. Perhaps it's just a bottle or two of wine at the end of the day that seems harmless, but the need to drink creeps up earlier and earlier, until 3 pm or 11 am becomes "okay" and "just for today."


Regardless of how much or how often you drink, the fact remains that your relationship with alcohol is no longer enjoyable.


I know you are ashamed. And I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault.


You know when you've reached your limit and alcohol has taken control over your life. You know this because you're here, reading this and nodding along.


The constant desire to drink and the amount of time spent thinking about it has become a constant source of stress and anxiety.


As a result…


Your self-confidence may have taken a hit, feelings of guilt, shame, and confusion creep in. Maybe they're present every day, but drinking temporarily dulls them until you wake up the next morning and they're still there.


This cycle repeats itself until your self-worth is at an all-time low, all because of something that comes out of a bottle.


You know you use it to hide from and avoid how you feel - but that doesn’t make it easier to stop. And it doesn’t get rid of the overwhelm.


You may find yourself thinking daily,


"How did it get to this? Who am I? What's wrong with me?"


There isn’t anything wrong with you and a label won’t make you feel better. Your self-talk isn’t helping the situation - so it’s important we get a grip on it now.

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Maybe you've tried and failed?

(and why my clients get 100% results)

Have You Tried...

quitting alcohol cold turkey

Going Cold Turkey & Doing It Alone

(and it didn't last very long)

Group Therapy Alcoholics Anyonymous

AA or Group Meetings With Strangers

(and it wasn't for you)

Online Help Quitting Alcohol

Googling Everything Looking For Answers

(and became more confused)

Traditional models of addressing addiction don't work, and here's why: 

They are mainly disempowering and they focus on what’s wrong.


But take it from me - someone who has helped 100’s of people transform from ‘stuck’ to empowered in record time…


You can’t heal what you don’t understand.

When you understand what’s driving the issue unconsciously then you release the issue for good. And we focus more on what you want and what inner strength you do have than ‘what is wrong’. It can be that simple and easy. At least it is for my clients.


You can’t do it alone.

The more you try and fail on your own, the worse you'll feel. Support, compassion, understanding, and accountability are crucial for success.


You don’t need to spend a bomb.

What if there was one program, a one stop shop that deals with ALL aspects of the addiction? What if you cleansed your body, got back in control of your mind, urges and emotions and also made the lifestyle and relationship changes - all at once - fast - and be just as affordable as your current alcohol habit.



It doesn’t need to take months in therapy or rehab.

Long, drawn-out therapy sessions and labels of what's "wrong" with you are not necessary. What you do need is confidential support, understanding, and EMPOWERMENT through a process that has a proven 100% success rate.

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Are you are wondering who you will be without it & how to fill that void?

(and also know you need help right now?)

You may be telling yourself a bunch of interesting stories like:


"I can’t get through the day without it"


"How will I be at a party?"


"How will I get to sleep?…"


…you know want to change. You might be scared of letting it go and you still have some lingering questions like:


"How will I feel good without it?"


"How will I be calm?"


"How will I deal with my stress?"


But the real question is, if you do let it go, what are you choosing?


Self-loathing? Secrecy? No confidence?


More importantly what can change in the next 7 days?


Instead of looking in the mirror at your tired face or the weight gain and saying hurtful things to yourself, imagine when you wake up with energy and the cravings are gone. 


What would that mean for your job, your friends, and your family?


What would it mean for you to be back to your real self?


What would it mean if you could trust yourself, your confidence was through the roof, and you were rocking your alcohol-free body?


Imagine just for a second… that you actually liked … no wait… loved yourself again and you could easily cope with life without it?


In fact… what if you didn’t even think about alcohol and it became invisible?

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I'm guessing you've already
tried to take matters into
your own hands...

  • If you’ve tried talking to others and yet it only makes you feel worse

  • If you’ve read a few things to help yourself but nothing really makes sense for your unique reasons

  • If you've attempted to quit drinking for a week only to fall back into old habits

  • If you've attended meetings but found them uncomfortable and unbearable

  • And if you just know that you can’t do it alone

Untitled design (60).png

I hear your pain, it's exhausting right?


I admire your courage to help yourself and acknowledge all that you have tried.



I know it doesn't work. It's why I exist.

Believe me - my clients have tried nearly everything before they meet me and do my program. I completely understand your confusion and pain.


How do I know what alcohol can really do?


I’ve lived with it and I know the sneaky way it can creep into your life and cause havoc.


My whole world came crashing down...


I was riddled with anxiety and never knowing when the next binge was going to happen.


I would hear the bear bottle crack open and know that today I was going to have to walk on eggshells - because I wouldn’t know what was coming next.


I was living with an alcoholic who didn’t realise he was one - the denial was thick  - you know how that can feel. So here began my journey of helping you to kick this. So you never have to be dependent on alcohol ever again.


I realised that alcohol dependency comes in so many different shapes and forms - and you know this too.


So I dedicated my life to helping you get your life back.

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But Did You Know That You Can Kick Alcohol For Good in 7 Days Using A Really Powerful & Easy Program…

and it's actually inspiring???

Without cravings overpowering you

Without having to tell anyone

Without having to do boring therapy

Without having to spend a bomb

Without having to work for months at it

Without relying on willpower alone

Without feeling left alone to deal with the cravings

Without feeling awkward at a dinner party

Without having to go to rehab

Without any uncomfortable public meetings


The 30-Day Fully Supported Step By Step Program for those who want their health, life and control back and to be free of alcohol in 7 days with 24/7 support.

The Power In This Program Is - We Make Alcohol Invisible

Full of proven techniques that have worked 100% for hundreds of others that will breathe life into your soul and get you back in control, free from alcohol and cravings.


  • Get rid of your cravings

(you won’t even have a desire and alcohol simply becomes invisible to you)

  • Get rid of the real reason you drink

(we remove it for good)

  • Help you deal with stress, life & anything that comes your way
    (with so much ease you will be shocked)

  • Revamp your health
    (get your body, weight and health to be the best it has been yet)

  • Get you back in control of your mind & remove the unhelpful thoughts
    (instead of it ruling you all day long)

  • Lose the weight and get your energy back
    (let’s be honest alcohol puts on the kgs)

  • Give you back your self-confidence
    (so you can feel like the most empowered version of yourself)

  • Help you heal your relationships
    (especially to those closest to you who want the best version of you want)

  • Help you sleep with ease
    (without needing a drop of alcohol)

  • Give you the 24/7 confidential support and motivation you need
    (without having anyone else know what you are up to)

  • Give you back your youthful glow
    (everyone will be asking why you look so good!)

*****Unlike other programs...

We don’t use long boring therapy, it doesn’t take months and it’s 100% confidential - plus we give you full support so you don’t feel alone.

Untitled design (60).png

Using this powerful program that has helped others have a 100% success rate
means you will:

Be Free From Alcohol in 7 Days

Get Your Health & Body Back

Get Your Confidence Back

Heal Your Relationships & Triggers

Easily Deal With Any Stress

The beauty of the quit drinking fast program is that it is exactly that - fast. It’s faster and easier than you think.


We quickly get to the core of the real issue and give you freedom from past hurts, creating a sense of peace and harmony that will stay with you for life.


In just 7 days, we will jumpstart your journey to being alcohol-free - for good and dramatically improve your self-confidence and self-worth, as well as your ability to trust yourself to make good decisions and truly accept and love yourself from within.


I give you exactly what YOU want for yourself. It's important that I understand exactly what outcome you want for yourself and how that looks to you. I am not there to give you what I think you need. You tell me precisely and accurately what you want for yourself and your life. We are all different and all want and need different things to feel happy, complete, and whole without alcohol.


This program is not a one size fits all approach, and that is where the power lies. It's a unique program that fully supports your unique dreams and desires.

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1535100_StopDrinkingFastBrandReDesign-GOLD-OPT 2_011023.png
Video Classes
Powerful Coaching
Daily Action Steps
Diet & Cleanse
1:1 Sessions
Constant Motivation
Hypnosis Recordings
De Stress Tools

1. Ground Zero

Part 1 - We Remove The Reason You Drink

We get to the real root cause and reason of what is driving the drinking. And we remove it.
You will have so many 'aha' moments in this part and you will be ready to quit after your first video class. You will also have a clear picture of the amazing life you want to create, and a new vision for your future.


  • Get to the root cause of why you drink

(including anxiety, stress, and past emotional wounds)

  • Know exactly what alcohol is costing you

(get clear on the short-term payoffs vs the long-term losses to yourself, your life and others)

  • Say goodbye to your old self and the bottle
    (you'll say a big goodbye to your old self and a big hello to your real self reminding yourself of who you truly are)

  • 1:1 powerful coaching session to set you up for success
    (with Sarah and her team as your personal guides you will create the life you want *optional)


3. Master Your Mind

Part 3 - Change Your Thoughts & Change Your Life

You will learn to control your thoughts and emotions and stop the cycle of stress and anxiety that lead to drinking. We will teach you powerful techniques to quiet your mind, reduce stress and anxiety and improve your overall well-being.

  • Learn to rework your mind and thoughts fast
    (know what you want and don't want and know you're why for quitting)

  • Integrate the power of choice into your life
    (in every moment you will choose you and what you truly desire)

  • Get your magic wand out and design your new life & set the scene for success so you can see it, feel it, believe it

  • 1:1 powerful coaching session to set you up for success
    (with Sarah and her team as your personal guides you will create the life you want *optional)


4. Revamp Your Health

Part 4 - Have The Body & Energy You Want

You will learn how to nourish your body with the right foods and drinks that will help you detoxify, lose weight, and regain your energy. This part of the program is focused on helping you love and appreciate your body, and ultimately, achieve the physical transformation you desire.

  • The Cleansing Diet
    (know what to eat and how to cleanse your whole body of alcohol toxins)

  • Your New Lifestyle
    (you will live a life you love and map it out clearly every single day)

  • Accountability & Support 24/7
    (you will commit to the new you with accountability and support every step of the way)

  • 1:1 powerful coaching session to set you up for success
    (with Sarah and her team as your personal guides you will create the life you want *optional)


5. Make Alcohol Invisible

Part 5 - Using Deep Hypnosis & RTT You Will Remove The Issue For Good

Now is the magic bullet of this program where you will do a deep dive into removing the issue for good using RTT Hypnotherapy & Daily Hypnosis to rewire your brain and remove the underlying issue that is driving your addiction to alcohol.

  • The RTT Session
    (you will change the meaning you have to alcohol for good)

  • Hypnosis Daily
    (every day you will reprogram your mind and lose the cravings)

  • Alcohol-Free
    (you will never look at alcohol the same way again and show up as the greatest version of yourself without it every single day)

  • 1:1 powerful RTT session to set you up for success
    (with Sarah and her team as your personal guides you will create the life you want *optional)


2. The New You

Part 2 - We Design The Next Part Of Your Life

Without a clear vision of your why and who you are becoming - you will never be able to make lasting changes.  In this part, we design the next part of your life and remove what is holding you back.

  • Create a powerful and inspiring new vision for all areas of your life that you will love
    (know what you want and don't want and know you're why for quitting)

  • Get your magic wand out and design your new life - what will you be gaining?
    (you will access all the hidden dreams and things you've let go of. Rather than letting go of drinking you will finally see what instead you have let go of and bring it back into your life)

  • Forgive yourself and step into self-compassion
    (you will learn to understand yourself, be self kind and forgive yourself as well as see yourself for who you truly are)​​

  • 1:1 powerful coaching session to set you up for success
    (with Sarah and her team as your personal guides you will create the life you want *optional)

Untitled design (60).png

So what do others say about this program?

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When You Book Your FREE PERSONALISED PROGRAM Call In The Next 24 Hrs You Also Get…



24/7 Support Messages

Message us at any time for support when you need it most!


De-Stress Your Life Hypnosis & Breathing Into Calm Exercises

Eliminate Stress for good with this bonus guide to calm when you need it.

 BONUS #3 

Sleep Like A Baby

You'll fast asleep fast without needing alcohol with this sleep routine and deeply relaxing hypnosis guide.


Unstoppable Confidence

Become the greatest version of yourself with unlimited confidence using this hypnosis and guide.


Start Program







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***less than the cost of your monthly alcohol intake

Hi I'm Sarah Kelt
Let's Stop Drinking Together!

I am a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) and Mindmastery Coach… I combine Personal CoachingHypnotherapyPsychotherapy, and wellness into a holistic process that ensures you see results in record time. I am here to guide and teach you how you can master your mind and overcome the struggles that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself.