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Quit Drinking. In the Next 7 Days. Start Today.

Stop Drinking The Fast & Easy Way With Full Support.

We make alcohol invisible.

Quit drinking alcohol for good so that you never have to wake up with a hangover or that dreadful feeling of shame and guilt again! Work with me to take back control of your life & become the best version of yourself.

It's way easier than you think!

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how to stop drinking
how to quit drinking alcohol

Are you ready to go on a life changing journey to kick the problem for good?

Is This You? 

  • Constantly worrying and not knowing how to get on top of the cravings and crutch to alcohol that is overrunning your life?

  • Trying to hide the overwhelm you feel on a daily basis and feeling the shame and guilt of hiding your secret?

  • Not knowing how to explain to others what is going on?

  • Not understanding what the real cause of why you need to drink?

  • Not being able to control the urges and desires or the thoughts?

  • Not knowing how to deal with the rise of panic and the emotional storms that get on top of you - and why you use alcohol to self medicate?

  • Not knowing tools to help you internally when you need them most?

  • Not being able to stop after just 1 or 2 drinks?

  • Not knowing why you drink alone?

  • Feeling tired and exhausted and lacking the energy and clarity from hang overs?

  • Never being able to get the right habits and tools into place to support yourself?

  • Rehashing your story and still having no answers?

  • Trying different therapies and getting nowhere?

  • Feeling unhealthy and wondering when your zest for life will come back?

  • Believing falsely that curing the addiction takes months or even years?

  • Feeling just plain over it and disempowered instead of EMPOWERED?

I am going to support you to revamp every area of your life in record time using powerful tools and accountability that work to heal and transform.

But first you must realise... that addiction is not the problem! 

 This program helps you understand quickly and efficiently what lies beneath your unhealthy and destructive drinking habits - that understanding is what gives you freedom, FAST.

Here is what may be going on with you right now....

alcoholism counselling
help with acohol addiction
alcohol therapist
Desire to Feel Good
No Tools
the easy way to stop drinking
hypnosis for drinking
Reward & Numb
hypnosis for drinking

Let's get off the hamster wheel.

It's easier than you think.

When we get to the real core of the issue - making conscious changes in reality becomes easy.

You can be free of alcohol.. you can live the life you want to live and you can release the reason you have been numbing inside and feel better FAST.

Maybe you feel as though....

how to get help for drinking

You Don't Understand What's Going On & Why You Can't Stop

alcohol therapist

You've Lost Your Confidence & You Physically Feel Terrible

how to quit drinking alcohol everyday

Everyday You Promise To Stop But Fail & Feel Full Of Shame & Guilt

You can't heal what you don't understand.

I help you get to the REAL ROOT CAUSE straight away to give you immediate relief, answers and understanding of WHY YOU DRINK.

Once you have the understanding making conscious changes becomes easy. We get to the root the cause and the reason - and we release it.

Then you are back in control of your mind, your feelings and the destructive urges. 

This rids you of the shame, secrecy and guilt so you can step fully into your power and get your confidence back.

best way to stop drinking

How It Works

You Are In The Right Place If You Want To

help me stop drinking


Kick the issue for good by healing the REAL REASON you drink.

We give you immediate answers as to why you drink. We change the subconscious patterns and beliefs which makes change easy.


When you change your mindset you change your life. You will now be in control of your mind instead of it ruling you.

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Know How To Control Your Mind

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Hypnotherapy To Change Your Thoughts & Patterns The Easy Way

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Support to Stay On Track With Life & Health Integration Tools

best way to stop drinking
hypnotherapist alcohol addiction
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Get your health, self esteem and life back on track.

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Cleanse Your Body

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Lose Weight

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Increase Confidence

Get Your Energy Back

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Feel Proud Of You

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Get Control Back

Are you ready to get your self esteem back & live a life of freedom?

You have all the courage you need to do this starting today.

In less than a week you simply won't believe it was this easy. 

Meet Sebastion... just like you he was ready to change and his story is inspiring.

Just like you he wasn't sure of which approach to take. Just like you he was done and ready for change.

Just like you he was looking for a one stop shop - someone who could help him transform physically, mentally emotionally and to make real changes in his life. 

"Put simply - I have my own life back!
After my session with Sarah I felt like superman.

4 months sober and I'm running a marathon, my family cannot believe the difference and my career and relationships are all on track.

It's liking seeing yourself in a movie and rewriting your own story.

I thought I would no longer be funny or confident but I am the

same person with more success and without alcohol - but I am more me!

This is the best thing I have ever done in my adult life."

Sebastian, NZ - Film Maker

help for alcohol addiction

Maybe this is where you are at right now...

hypnosis alcohol

You Think Something Is Wrong With You

Maybe you don't get why you are drinking in an unhealthy way? Maybe you feel ashamed and guilty? There is nothing wrong with you. Let's get to the real reason behind the drinking and release it. The rest becomes easy.

hypnotherapist alcohol

You've Tried So Many Times & Failed 

If you've tried to do this alone and failed it's ok. You are not supposed to be able to do it alone. Maybe AA isn't for you and you don't need an expensive detox retreat or rehab. This program saves you time money and energy and gives you full support.

how to get sober fast

You Just Want To Move On With Your Life

Imagine after the next 7 days how you will feel when you know you are back in control? Imagine the glow in your skin & the energy you feel when you wake up. Imagine how your relationships will change. With our 1:1 confidential support you will have your life back.

There is nothing wrong with you.

And if you tried and failed before - that's ok - this is the last stop on your road with drinking.

I'll show you exactly how to take back control, change your feelings about alcohol and help you implement the changes into real life in record time so you can go on living your best life.

But what if this is where you could be in just a week...

counselling for alcohol addiction

Waking Up Refreshed

stop drinking alcohol

Fully In Control

quit drinking alcohol

Feeling Calm & Confident

So if you find yourself thinking 'my life was not supposed to be this way' then we need to chat...

sarah kelt, hypnotherapist, alcohol addiction

So what's this free call all about?

In 30 mins we'll get to the core of what's going on.

Every client is unique. What you need asap is answers. So in just a few minutes we will do a 360 view of what's going on in every area of your life....