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Thanks For Completing The Quiz !

Your quiz results are in your inbox. Check now and take a quick look through each area and question. Those results give you powerful insight into the areas we are going to transform together and that starts today!

Whether you feel as though your confidence is around your ankles or there are just a few areas you want to work on to really build your sense of self worth and belief - regardless of where you are - do not worry.

For years, well into my 30's I experienced debilitating low self confidence and chronic anxiety. I've found they often go hand in hand.

Today is the first step towards living every day as your true authentic self using the exact fast tracked process that I did - and it doesn't involve months of therapy.

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist – Marisa Peer (RTT)

  • Certificate in Personal and Professional Development – Marisa Peer (RTT)

  • Advanced Rapid Transformational Practitioner – Marisa Peer (RTT)

  • Bachelor of Commerce – University of Otago

  • Mindfulness Diploma – Centre of Excellence

Confidence Is Your Birthright!

I'm going to take you on a journey today to discover your own self worth.​

The first step is to fully understand the REAL CAUSE of why you lack confidence and it's never what you think.

There are 3 core things that all of my clients just don't understand:

1. Why you don't ever feel good enough

2. Why you judge yourself ever so harshly

3. Why you really fear any kind of rejection

The first step on your journey to authentic self empowerment and unbreakable self worth that will truly and radically transform every area of your life is to UNDERSTAND YOU.

The approach I take to transform my clients confidence, weight issues, anxiety and more is like therapy on steroids.

Let's begin....

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Fast Track Your Confidence

Sig Up Confidence Guide

What Is Real Confidence

To You?

Is it being the centre of attention, talking to everyone freely and rocking a toned body at a party really self confidence?


When we imagine a confident person this is usually the picture we think of. But for you that may not be your true version of self confidence.


Real self confidence goes much deeper than that image or mask of ‘pretending’ to be someone we are not or trying to ‘copy’ someone else’s version of confidence.


Deep true confidence means:


  • We know our own self

  • We can happily be with our own self

  • We know our own needs

  • We can say no and set boundaries around our own needs

  • We can make choices for ourselves that are in alignment with what fulfils us

  • You can see yourself for the amazing beautiful wonderful person you are


Which means you might be ready to let go of:


  • People pleasing and going above and beyond which leads to exhaustion?

  • Saying yes all the time when really we want to scream no?

  • Over giving and sacrificing your own happiness for the sake of acceptance from others?

  • Playing small and saying no to opportunities because of fear?

  • Hiding or becoming reclusive?

  • Pretending to be someone we are not and putting on a happy face like everything is fine when really inside you are screaming for acknowledgement?

  • Letting opportunities for growth or change pass you by, purely because fear is getting in the way?

  • Toxic relationships that are holding you back and you know just hold no meaning to you anymore?


If you are ready to unlock your true self and the courage to show that to the world in your small or big way get in touch. Take the first courageous step today and get to the real reason behind your lack of self worth.


Love Sarah x

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