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Brand New From Sarah Kelt

A New EMPOWERING Program That Is Proven To Help You Stop Drinking For Good The Fast & Easy Way

…without AA, boring therapy and even if you’ve tried and failed before.

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Sarah Kelt

With Sarah Kelt & Mindset Transformations

Auckland NZ | Working Online Globally



Hello There,


If you’d like to quit drinking for good or even be able to have an occasional drink without wanting more then this program is for you.


If you want the health, body, self-confidence and energy that you are craving to have back then this is also for you. If you’ve tried to do it alone and failed then this is also for you. Even if you are not sure if you can do it. It’s for you.


But First: Read This Disclaimer


I get 100% results with my clients. Yes, 100%. Those results are certainly not typical right? Most people try many times, sometimes succeed for a week or a month and go back to the bottle. My clients don’t. Why?


Because they have my proven program and full support as their secret weapon. Because I know them inside out. Because I hit the real core of the issue and we remove it.


But… they are also ready. They know they are done. They know that alcohol affects multiple areas of their life. Including your relationships. Including the relationship, you have with yourself.


This Is Exactly What You Are Getting


First of all, it’s not like any other program or therapy you’ve done. There is no fluff and no filler - just the exact process that gets my clients 100% free of alcohol.


It’s fast, easy,  and, most of all, simple, and you’ll be done with alcohol this week.


This program works because it’s more than just about kicking alcohol.


You see, you can use the exact same system in this program to in fact uncover blocks and what’s holding you back in many life areas.


With a recent client, you’ll see that alcohol was not in fact the issue - anxiety was.


You’ll see with most of my clients that anxiety, emotional wounds, and more are healed using this program. So you don’t just kick alcohol. You transform your life.


CEOs and business owners have used it. Mums and dads, and well, just about anyone have used it and gotten amazing results.


So, like I said, it’s more than just a program about alcohol. Here’s just a snapshot of what you will have access to:



  • The only way to remove the issue for good, for real, and forever


  • Exactly how to get to the core of the problem and remove it, even if you are confused


  • TODAY, how we stop the issue today, not gradually, not in a month, but today


  • The holistic and empowering approach to achieving the health, relationships, and life you desire without alcohol, even if you have doubts about who you will be without it


  • A proven system that has helped hundreds of individuals achieve 100% freedom from alcohol and transform their lives

  • How to improve your health, what to eat and drink, and how to lose weight and regain your body (we all know alcohol adds pounds) 

  • How to manage your stress and regain control over your thoughts, impulses, and desires that are destructive

  • How to make alcohol invisible and banish the cravings


  • The best possible support and accountability from those who fully understand you and support you at every step


  • Why traditional methods don’t work and can make you feel even worse if you fail


  • When ditching the habit, what to replace it with and how magical changes will happen in your life when you remove it


  • How to let go of the guilt and shame, and if you’ve hurt others, what to do about healing the past


  • Say goodbye to cravings and learn how we make alcohol invisible even at parties and social gatherings


  • Why it’s okay for you to really have the life you truly want and have a picture of exactly what that looks like


  • How to see, feel and believe that all of this is possible and fast


You see I know all about alcohol addiction all too well.


It near ruined my family and I’ve seen how sneaky it can be.


I’ll share with you:


  • What’s really going on emotionally when you want to numb your own pain or stress


  • The real reason you drink and how to say goodbye to it


  • What it’s really doing to your life and your relationships even if you are still in denial


How do I know what alcohol can really do?


I’ve Seen What Alcohol Can Do - Why I Get You
And Why I Am Here To Support You


My whole world came crashing down...


I was riddled with anxiety and never knew when the next binge was going to happen.


I would hear the bear bottle crack open and know that today I was going to have to walk on eggshells because I wouldn’t know what was coming next.


I was living with an alcoholic who didn’t realise he was one; the denial was thick  - you know how that can feel. So here began my journey of helping you to kick this. So you never have to be dependent on alcohol ever again.


I realised that alcohol dependency comes in so many different shapes and forms - and you know this too.


Maybe you binge drink and lose control, and there is no off switch, maybe it’s just a bottle or two of wine at the end of the day. Maybe you can’t wait for 5 pm anymore - and 3 pm or 11 am becomes ‘ok’ and just ‘today’.


So If You Know They Are Just Done
And Know You Want Your Life & Control Back

Access A Program That Gets You 100% Results


However, you are drinking - it’s not fun when you know you’ve got a relationship to alcohol that you are just done with.


You know when you’ve hit that limit - and it now has more of a hold over you than you do of it. You know because you are here on this page reading my words and nodding your head.


You know that the urge to drink - the constant desire and the amount of time thinking about it is now holding you hostage.


And then…


You realise your confidence is around your ankles, the feelings of guilt, secrecy, hiding it, shame and confusion kick in. Maybe every day they are there - but whilst you drink they disappear for a moment until you wake up and they are there again.


And the cycle goes over and over until your self-worth is at an all-time low - all because of something that comes out of a bottle.


You know you use it to hide from and avoid how you feel - but that doesn’t make it easier to stop. And it doesn’t get rid of the overwhelm.


I hear you say to yourself daily…


…How did it get to this? Who am I? What’s wrong with me?


There isn’t anything wrong with you and a label won’t make you feel better. Your self-talk isn’t helping the situation - so it’s important we get a grip on it now.


This is what my clients tell me is going on with them…


'I am an Alcoholic, I have a drinking problem, I have an Addiction, I am an Addict, I am using alcohol to manage my stress, I drink in an unhealthy way,  I can't stop drinking, I am a habitual drinker, I am a binge drinker, I lose control when I drink, I black out when I drink, once I start I can't stop, I don’t have an off switch when I drink, I don’t want to have to drink every night, I have to drink to relax, I don’t handle alcohol well, I get drunk a lot…


I am so stressed, I am bored, I am alone, I am using alcohol, I am a habitual drinker…


I feel so ashamed, guilty, I hate myself, I dislike myself, I feel empty, I feel lost, I feel stuck, I am overwhelmed, I cant handle life, I am deeply sad, I am in pain, I am depressed, I am anxious, feels like I’m trapped, burdened with this drinking addiction, I have confusion as to why you cannot stop.'



All that self-talk isn’t helping the situation… but maybe you’ve never learnt how to change it? Well, I’m here to help you do that, ASAP.



You'll Soon Learn You Don’t Need To Be Scared Of Letting It Go

& Who You’ll Be Without It


Even though you are caught in all those stories about yourself…


…you want to change you might be scared of letting it go and you still have some niggling questions:


How will I feel good without it?


How will I calm?


How will I get to sleep?


How will I deal with my stress?


But the real question is, if you do let it go - what will you be free of?


Self-loathing? Secrecy? No confidence?


In This Program You Will Know Exactly How to Self Calm, Sleep, Deal With Anything Life Throws At You - Without Alcohol


More importantly what will change in the next 7 days?

Instead of looking in the mirror at your tired face or the weight gain and saying hurtful things to yourself - imagine when you wake up with energy and the cravings are gone?


What would that mean for your job, your friends, your family?


What would it mean for you to be back to your real self?


What would it mean if you could trust yourself, your confidence was through the roof and you were rocking your alcohol-free body?


Imagine just for a second… that you actually liked … no wait… loved yourself again and you could easily cope with life without it?


In fact… what if you didn’t even think about alcohol and it became invisible?


But how will we make alcohol invisible?


Using my proven system that I created to do exactly just that. It’s a combination of RTT hypnotherapy to get to the root cause and change the meaning you associate with alcohol, Mind Mastery to help you rule your mind instead of it ruling you, exactly how to revamp your health with a specific alcohol cleanse and exactly what to do every day to make it happen.


Why Others Fail & Why My Clients Get 100% Results


You can’t heal what you don’t understand.


When you understand what’s driving the issue unconsciously then you release the issue for good. It can be that simple and easy. At least it is for my clients.


But take it from me - someone who has helped 100’s of people transform from ‘stuck’ to empowered in record time…


You can’t do it alone.


The more you beat up on yourself, the more you try and fail alone - the worse you will feel. Compassion, understanding, support and accountability will help you believe in yourself and kick it for good.


You don’t need to spend a bomb.


What if there was one program, a one-stop shop that deals with ALL aspects of addiction? What if you cleansed your body, got back in control of your mind, urges and emotions and also made the lifestyle and relationship changes - all at once - fast - and it cost the same as your alcohol habit?


It doesn’t need to take months in therapy or rehab.


You don’t need long boring therapy and more labels of what is wrong with you. You need confidential support and most of all understanding and EMPOWERMENT using a process that works 100% of the time.


What Can You Do About This Now? Because Time Is Of The Essence


So if you feel stuck and are lost in the self-loathing waves...


If you know this is affecting your relationships - you are hurting them and also yourself in the process - it’s time we talked.


If you know your mental health and body are being affected - it’s time we talked.


If you just want to get back control of your life and have the energy, self-love and freedom you deserve and you believe it really is possible - we need to talk.


But Sarah… is this going to be hard?


If you think it’s going to be hard…it’s not.


It’s faster and easier than you think. Why? Because we get to the core of the real issue - freedom from past hurts and we create a sense of peace and harmony that will stay with you for life.



100% Results You Can Expect (Not Hope For)

You Will Become The Most Confident Version Of You Yet!


The result of this, being alcohol-free - for good, is dramatically improved self-confidence and self-worth plus the ability to trust yourself to make good decisions and truly accept and love yourself from within.


I give you exactly what YOU want for yourself. It is important that I understand exactly what outcome you want for yourself and how that looks to you. I am not there to give you what I think you need… You very precisely and accurately tell me what you want for yourself. We are all different and all want and need different things to feel happy, complete and whole.


This program is not about a one size fits all approach… and that is where the power lies - it's about uniqueness.



Inside You Will Find Out Exactly How To

Remove Your Fears & Excuses FAST


I hear you say…


‘But my problem really isn’t that bad’ …

…accept you are here and you know that even if you are not the classically diagnosed ‘alcoholic’ that for you alcohol is a problem and you want to get a grip on it. Let’s lose the denial and get started.


‘But what if it doesn’t work? What if it’s too hard? What if I can’t do it? I’ll end up feeling worse?!?’…

… I know you are probably wondering who you will be without that drink in your hand. The issue right now is that you don’t have a clear enough vision of who the greatest version of you is nor a greater version of your life. Once we know that - it becomes easy and you will be so thirsty for chasing your dream life and have the support to make it happen that alcohol will become a distant memory. Let’s begin.


‘But what if it’s really expensive?’…

… I want you to stop right now and put a price on your alcohol consumption over a year. Really stop and do it. Imagine what else you would like to spend that on.


This Program Will Show You What Alcohol Is Costing You &

How To Instead Invest In Yourself


Also put a cost on your relationships, letting go of your dream life and everything else you can’t have or can’t do because of alcohol. What’s the cost?


The good news is that our program (self-help or 1:1) costs less than your habit. Phew. Start here.


‘But what if I can’t do this alone and I’ve failed before?’…

…you cannot do this alone. It’s too hard, we know that, it’s why we are here. You are unique. And you need a unique approach. That’s why we get into your unique drivers and we shift them for good. It’s why we support you and keep you accountable the whole way with 24/7 support. We’ve got your back. Confidentially. We are here to make sure this works.


‘But I’ve tried other programs’…

You don’t need long AA sessions, long therapy or going cold turkey alone. Even if you’ve managed to stop successfully alone before and picked it up again - we need to get to the core and remove it fast. That’s where I come in. We cure it for good.



This Is Exactly What You Will Get Immediate Access To


  • You will have everything you need to stop drinking for good


  • Know what is driving the problem (including past hurts or inability to deal with what shows up every day)


  • You will get your freedom back and be so full of pride and accomplishment every day that you are free from the bondage


  • You will feel good in fact better than ever before - and know that you deserve to - instead of pouring another glass - you will pour into your own self, health and relationships and watch your life change


  • You will love and appreciate yourself and see that your life is beautiful and full of fulfilment


Having worked with hundreds of clients wanting to stop drinking - and helping them get radical results here is what I know…


Alcohol is not your friend.

Alcohol will never make anything you are dealing with easier or better.

Alcohol can take away everything that truly matters to you - health, relationships, wealth and your own mental health.

Alcohol will keep you in the bondages of shame, secrecy and loneliness.


You deserve more than that.


It’s time to set you free.


It’s time to look inside yourself to find…


…the peace you want and everyday clam

…the fulfilment and natural joy and fun that is already available to you

…the energy and motivation to get up and go every day and love life exceeding your own expectations of what is possible

…the really connected and loving relationships you want

…the freedom from past hurts


People will be walking up to you and asking ‘what has changed? You look amazing!’ On the inside, you will smile.


You will feel that daily sense of thrill and excitement and elation for life again. You will have a deep sense of pride in yourself and a deep sense of gratitude for your life and others.


You & I Will Be Working Closely Together

So It's Important You Get To Know Me


By the way, Hi my name is Sarah Kelt.


I grew up in New Zealand and after living 22 years in London and Dubai I decided it was time for change as I was burnt out, experiencing crippling anxiety with bouts of depression, and was not enjoying my life, which seemingly looked ‘perfect’ from the outside.


My professional background in Investment Banking and Finance taught me a lot, especially the hard lessons of not living a life of balance or mindfulness and not stopping to take the time to truly enjoy the journey, especially with those I loved. It was all about hustle, striving, pressure, comparison, judgement and never being good enough! Which I know now, does not serve us in the long term.


After a truly transformational year and a half living in Bali, I returned home to NZ with my children.


Since hitting my lowest point I have been deeply committed to my own personal journey of self-discovery and growth. In the process I have tried many different healing modalities, spent hours upon hours, learning about and understanding the mind (conscious and subconscious), and taken personal growth and leadership courses as well as participated in numerous meditation, mindfulness and breath work practices and programs and of course the truly phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapy training.


In the process, I believe I have fined tuned and worked out the most effective and simple methods to achieve freedom from the struggles within ourselves that hold us back and prevent us from living our best life.


I now use this valuable experience to guide and support my clients to overcome their mental and emotional blocks and wounds through a combination of coaching (conscious work) and RTT hypnotherapy (subconscious work).



Book A Call


Once Inside - We’ll Also Give You 100% Support & Accountability


  • Understanding the reasons why you drink & get immediate relief


  • Powerful Tools and the exact processes to follow to unlearn unhelpful and destructive patterns


  • Gaining life-changing wisdom about yourself and how to navigate challenges in the future


  • Personalised BESPOKE Support and guidance – everyone is different and we all ultimately need and want different things for ourselves to heal


  • Release and processing of past hurts and emotional wounds = FREEDOM to live the life you deserve


I don’t believe you need to spend years in therapy talking about the past hurts, wounds and traumas… doing this just keeps us stuck… yes we need to understand it and process the past… but the most important and fastest way to heal is to focus on what you DO want… have hope and positivity for the future, know that the past does not have to define you and that you get to write the script for your life, you deserve to live the life of your dreams, and you absolutely can!


So Just To Recap What’s Inside This Life Changing Program


  • 7 Days To Kick The Habit

  • RTT Hypnotherapy To Remove The Problem For Good (DIY or 1:1)

  • 30 Days Of Recordings, Reminders & Support  To RE Program Your Mind

  • Powerful Coaching To Take Daily Action On Re-Creating Your Life

  • Revamp Your Health Cleanse & Weight Loss Program

  • 24/7 Support



How Do You Get Access & Kick The Drink This Week?


So how do you start today? As you are unique - we need to talk to you. You can then take the DIY program online or work with myself or my team 1:1.

Book your free confidential call to chat and let's get started.

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