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Are you ready to heal ANXIETY for good?
In record time?

Work with Sarah Kelt for proven results t
cure Anxiety in 30 Days

Are You Ready To?

  • Be rid of the constant worrying and  get on top of the fear?

  • Be free of the overwhelm you feel on a daily basis?

  • No longer have to hide from others what is going on?

  • Get to the root cause of what is really driving your anxiety?

  • Calm and control the non stop thoughts?

  • Be free of the rise of panic and the emotional storms that get on top of you?

  • Have all the tools you need to help you emotionally when you need them most?

  • Get back your focus and be able to easily function each day at the best possible level?

  • Lose the exhaustion and have the energy and clarity needed to get things moving?

  • Get the right habits and tools into place to support yourself and be fully supported on your journey?

  • Stop rehashing your story or pain and get real answers?

  • No more trying different therapies and getting nowhere, because al the support you need that is proven to work will be in one place with one person who understands?

  • Get your zest for life back & be your wonderful self again?

  • Work with someone who has been in your shoes and truly understands?

  • No longer believe that finding balance takes months or even years and see how powerful, fast and easy it can really be to be free from anxiety?

  • Get rid of using uppers and downers to keep yourself going?

  • Move from disempowered to EMPOWERED and fast?

I have been where you are.

Let me take you on a journey to heal for good with myself and my team using a proven process that works to get answers, immediate relief and heal the real cause of your anxiety in record time. I've been exactly where you are now which is why as a therapist I truly understand how you feel and why I developed a truly unique fast track system to have you free from anxiety fast.

Welcome! I'm Sarah Kelt

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I’m so glad you landed on this page.

Now more than ever, it is my deepest commitment to offer you personalised guidance and direction to support you on a personalised journey to reduce stress, get rid of anxiety and re create a life full of meaning and fulfilment. I want to make my tools and guidance easy and accessible and support you in rapidly curing your stress for good.

I have been where you are now! It sucks, right? 

But the good news is, I know how to get you feeling better, FAST! 


I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist. I am here to guide and teach you, how you can master your mind and overcome the struggles that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself. 


If you are struggling with high stress, overwhelm, burn out, anxiety and panic and feel as though you are starting to unravel … you are in the right place!


I know it can be very scary to acknowledge that you may have an issue, or struggle that you cannot overcome anxiety on your own. Reaching out for help is the first very courageous step you need to take. I am here for you! 


And let me tell, you do not need fixing. What you need is guidance, and support to show you the way to heal yourself and it all starts by understanding how you have the power to master your mind and transform the relationship you have with yourself as well as how life has been set up that is not supportive of your wellbeing.


You do not need another ‘band aid’ method, and you also do not need to talk about your issues every week for the next 2 years…You have everything you need within you to overcome your challenges… let me teach you how and in 30 days you will be feeling AMAZING and in control of your life


The methods and processes I use will get you feeling better FAST through a combination of Hypnotherapy, CBT, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching.

Rapid Transformational Therapy


RTT is a proven technique that gets to the root cause and

reasons for your struggles easily and efficiently.

The understanding you gain is incredibly liberating and healing.

It enables you to break negative patterns in your behaviour and your thinking,

allowing you to flourish and thrive. 

stop anxiety and panic attacks, hypnotherapy, auckland, online

RTT is like therapy on steroids. It gets to the root cause of your anxiety & releases it fast. After one session you physically feel like a different person.

sarah kelt, anxiety help, rtt hypnotherapist

With my personal guidance & support we tap into your beliefs, self talk & stress to remove it fast. We get you back the life & calm you want.

online anxiety counselling new zealand

To get rid of anxiety and panic for good you will learn to master your mind, relationships & more fast with real tools that work.

Hi, I'm Sarah Kelt
Let's overcome your Anxiety together

I am a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) and Mindmastery Coach… I combine Personal Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and wellness into a holistic process that ensures you see results in record time. I am here to guide and teach you, how you can master your mind and overcome the struggles that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself.

Are you ready to:​

  • Get to the bottom of the direct cause of your anxiety?

  • Stop focusing on what is wrong and focus on integrating tools daily that give you immediate relief?

  • Be rid of overwhelm permanently without long term therapy or bandaids?

  • Have the calm, energy and confidence you are seeking?

  • Feel empowered and have a therapist who has your back?

  • Use proven tools that work in record time?

  • Create a life worth living?

If so I'd love to talk to you.

Based in Auckland for face-to-face sessions, I also consult with clients around NZ and internationally using ZOOM. Through my powerful guidance, coaching techniques and my secret weapon, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), I can help you live the life you deserve.

Talk to me today to find out more about my programs, and let's get you feeling better, FAST!
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“I have been feeling anxious and worried for many years now and have never been able to pin point the cause of my anxiety or get rid of it.

After one RTT session with Sarah I felt so much clarity around where the anxiety stemmed from, and realised that the negative self talk that I experienced in my head each day was the main culprit.

Sarah taught me how to recognise those negative thoughts and change them to positive ones. So now my subconscious thoughts are congruent with my conscious thoughts.


I am so happy with the changes I have already experienced and am excited to learn more.

Thank you so much for your insight Sarah.”

Amy, Bali

online counselling, online therapy
sarah kelt, mental health therapist, online therapy, hypnotherapy online

“Words literally cannot express the gratitude I have.


You’re never leaving my life hahaha and whenever I go through shit you’re literally the first person I am calling.


Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo times a million"


Through hypnotherapy and mindset coaching, I can help you to discover the root cause of your blocks, limiting beliefs or undesirable behaviours and support you to break through them to achieve the freedom you seek.

Hypnosis is a fast and effective tool for understanding the beliefs and habits that hold you back, as well as healing emotional wounds from the past.

I use Rapid Transformational Therapy, a combination of hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy and psychotherapy, in conjunction with transformational coaching to help you to gain freedom from fears, addictions, anxiety and depression and any other issues you may be struggling with.

Through Rapid Transformational Therapy we can access the subconscious mind to help you change beliefs, habits and thoughts. Hypnosis can change habits to create a healthier body, relieve anxiety, guilt and fear, and enhance your confidence and self-esteem.

Be our next client success story!

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​Often, there is a gap between the letting go of old beliefs and the settling in of new ones. In conjunction with Rapid Transformational Therapy, we use powerful coaching tools and techniques to support you in your adventure of self discovery.

During the coaching process we will take a deep dive, to uncover and understand the beliefs, habits or behaviours that are holding you back. You will address your fears and understand the values that drive you to self-fulfilment and empowerment. This has been shown to set people free from issues in just one session.

The transformational coaching techniques I use deepen your understanding of the thoughts, habits and patterns that hold you back. In addition, they provide you with specific methods you can use to easily integrate changes into your life. We take a holistic approach and look at all areas of your lifestyle, from diet and sleeping patterns, to stress management techniques and self-care practices. This ensures you get the most transformational outcome.

Each program is tailor-made for the individual, so you get exactly what you need out of each session. You will be challenged and changed, and you will make breakthroughs that will alter your life forever… and soon you will be living the life you have always envisioned!

“I feel free and full of energy to believe in myself and do anything I want to do.” 

- Francisca

“This new life I have is beautiful and I hope everyone who has lost their way will meet someone like Sarah to help them find their way back.” 

- Sebastian

“I feel light, free, powerful, calm. Beyond grateful for your healing work Sarah and so excited about what the future holds!” 

- Sarah

“This experience has been sooo so powerful Sarah and I am obsessed with listening to my recording, hah. I am amazing!!! I love and myself more and more each day. I have really cultivated new thoughts which appear throughout my days and I feel so confident and uplifted.” 

- Emma

“I was able to gain back my confidence and not to worry about my looks anymore. I was finally able to believe that I am a creative and artistic person and that I'm allowed to express myself and make mistakes.” 

- Dita K

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What you get when you work with me. I am very compassionate, kind and loving, but I talk straight,  I am direct, I am not your usual therapist, I do it my way… but I do not judge… EVER. Believe me, I have been through a lot, and will never judge anyone.


I teach you actual processes to follow to break the patterns of behaviour that are holding you back. You will learn skills, and tangible actions that you can use in all areas of your life. We don’t just TALK, we DO. You will get a deep understanding of the root causes of your issues and that clarity gives you freedom. You will also heal emotional wounds and bullshit limiting beliefs, that years in ‘talk therapy’ won’t heal. 


I will open your eyes to a different perspective… so that you can see your struggles in a different way and as a result this will open up the doors of opportunity and the way you live your life moving forward. There is not just one way of being… the way you may have been programmed or conditioned by your parents, teachers, culture, religion or society… when you get to change your perspective you get to live your life for you. you can stop living your life how you think you should because of the experiences you have which impacted you and shaped the way you are…


A life of freedom… 

If you want to take hard and fast ACTION towards your recovery, towards being the best version of yourself, then I am the person to guide you.



Ask me questions and let me know how I can help.


Request a custom support package to suit your needs and budget.


We begin your journey, 1:1 sessions and the transformation begins.

Request a Callback from Sarah

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