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Do you dream about feeling mentally strong no matter the circumstances?


Do you long to feel empowered and in control?

Are you hoping for calm, clarity and inner peace?

Freedom from Anxiety

30-days to feeling calm and grounded no matter the circumstances


with Sarah Kelt

Are you ready to:​

  • Get to the bottom of the direct cause of your anxiety?

  • Stop focusing on what is wrong and focus on integrating tools daily that give you immediate relief?

  • Be rid of overwhelm permanently without long term therapy or bandaids?

  • Have the calm, energy and confidence you are seeking?

  • Feel empowered and in control of your life?

  • Use proven tools that work in record time?

  • Create a life worth living?

Conquer your Anxiety through Rapid Transformational Therapy, Mindmastery Coaching, Practical Tools and Strategies
to regulate your nervous system within 30 days. 

Are you willing to embrace:

  • Greater levels of self-love and acceptance: When you live with anxiety, your mind constantly generates negative thoughts and self-doubt. Shifting your state of anxiety will bring you a connection with yourself and a deeper level of self-acceptance.

  • Clarity and peace of mind: When your mind is racing a hundred miles an hour, and you cannot make it stop, you are disconnected from your intuition. That's when you are very likely experiencing confusion. Quieting your mind and anxiety will bring you clarity and trust in your decisions.

  • Expansiveness in your body: Anxiety affects you also on a physiological level. Having your body in constant fight or flight mode is extra stress for your body and weakens your immune system. Releasing anxiety can feel like being able to breathe again.

  • FREEDOM on all levels: Imagine being free from your negative thought patterns, racing heart and crippling fear. Being able to deal with whatever life sends your way and knowing that you always have a choice of how you want to feel and react to external circumstances - this is true freedom.

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?


RTT is a proven technique that gets to the root cause and

reasons for your struggles easily and efficiently.

The understanding you gain is incredibly liberating and healing.

It enables you to break negative patterns in your behaviour and your thinking,

allowing you to flourish and thrive. 

Hi! I'm Sarah Kelt

By now you are probably wondering:


"Who is this Sarah and how can

                           she make these claims?"

Well more importantly than anything else I want to share with you that I have been where you are now and you can read more about my story here.


Since hitting my lowest point about 8 years ago, I have been deeply committed to my own personal journey of self-discovery and growth. In the process, I tried many different healing modalities, spent hours upon hours learning about and understanding the mind (conscious and subconscious), taken personal growth and leadership courses, and participated in numerous meditation, mindfulness and breathwork practices and programmes. The most important of which I believe is the Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) training. 

I combine RTT, Personal Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy into a holistic wellness process that ensures you see results in record time.

I am here to guide and teach you, how you can master your mind and overcome the struggles that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself.


The 30-day Freedom from Anxiety program is designed to work with your subconscious mind and get to the root cause of your anxiety. Through Rapid Transformational Therapy, breathwork and simple yet powerful teachings of the mind, you'll reprogram and integrate new beliefs, habits and behaviours that serve you and take you towards your desired life.


You will also learn simple but extremely effective tools to integrate into your daily life on a conscious level, that support you to feel grounded & calm and ensure your nervous system stays regulated, so you never have to experience anxiety, overwhelm and panic attacks again. 

 "I am so grateful that I took the steps to engage with Sarah and would recommend her services to anyone looking to reach their true potential."

Jen 42 years

"Even as I was walking away from Sarah Kelt's session I knew something had profoundly and permanently shifted in me."

Sarah 46 years

"Sarah gave me so much understanding on what was happening to me, giving me the tools and techniques that have made significant progress on my wellness".

Page 29 years

“The RTT session I had with Sarah was a huge emotional and mental release for me. After the session I had so many shifts and realisations"

Georgia 24 years

Know that ongoing anxiety
is not normal

If you have lived with anxiety for a long time, you may have started to normalise it and try to manage it on your own. Perhaps you believe that anxiety is something you can't change and that you are stuck with it forever. 

  • Yes, it is true, everyone can feel anxious at times, but anxiety becomes a problem when it influences our day-to-day life. 

  • It can be incredibly debilitating and overwhelming and can show up in the form of withdrawing from friends and family and it can stop you from living your life.

  • It might hold you back from applying for jobs, applying for a promotion or starting your dream career.

  • Even just getting out of bed, doing basic chores or leaving the house could be a struggle for you some days.

  • Anxiety can feel paralysing and all-consuming and it can make you feel incredibly stuck. 


Most people who struggle with worry, overwhelm, and anxiety think they need to try a little harder to get rid of their negative thoughts and feelings. Maybe "cheer up", think something positive, be a "high vibe". 


The pressure we feel from society/ culture/ family/ friends to ‘BE OK’ and have it all is not helping either.


Even though sometimes thinking positive can help, it's actually just a band-aid and not a cure. To get rid of anxiety for good, it's crucial to look beneath the surface and get to the root cause. 

There are 7 modules in this Programme
which runs over 30 days:

When you join the programme, you get immediate access to all seven the modules. That means you can complete the course in the time frame that suits you. Some people like to dedicate a weekend and work through all the course content at once and use the rest of the time to work on themselves and their progress. Others prefer to work through it at their own pace, taking time to reflect, review and rewatch the content as they progress through the programme.


Each week there is a live video call with Sarah on the Support Group where participants can engage directly and ask questions, or share their learnings. Sarah is available on chat and can offer individualised coaching calls through the process for clients looking for additional support. Sarah keeps in contact with clients with daily reminders and motivation to keep you moving through the programme.

Module 1 & 2

Welcome to the programme. 

Learn about the contributing factors of anxiety, and how to be more self aware.


Understanding the power of the mind and the root cause of your anxiety.

Module 5

Continuing your journey to inner peace. Here we provide more practical strategies and tools for remaining anxiety free.

Module 3

Setting yourself up for success – the practical coping strategies and tools to support yourself to be anxiety free – this is where we take action to make changes to support ourselves out of the rut of anxiety.

Module 6

Transform your anxiety at the physical level through our guided breath work journey. 

Module 4

RTT Hypnotherapy session to get to the root cause of your anxiety and let go of the subconscious beliefs, habits and behaviours, that have been keeping you stuck with anxiety & reprogramming your mind for calm and inner peace.

Module 7

Bonus Module:

A second RTT Hypnotherapy session to get to the root cause of your low self worth.

Including a 30 day hypnosis audio to build your unbreakable self-worth. 

Anxiety Free


Purchase this audio file and listen to it for 30 days to help you on your journey to becoming anxiety free.


Psychology Session

Freedom from Anxiety

30 Day Self-Paced

Online Course

Purchase the 30-day Freedom from Anxiety program  designed to work with your subconscious mind and get to the root cause of your anxiety all in your own time from the comfort of your home.


Calming & Healing


This Calming and Healing Audio from Sarah Kelt is available to download for free and use daily. 


3 Ways Sarah Kelt can help you?


If you are looking for support but you would prefer to consider an online programme that you can work through from the comfort of your own home.  A programme where you do not need to engage physically or personally with anyone, then the 30 day Freedom from Anxiety Online Programme is probably just right for you.


If you have tried online techniques, counselling and therapy for your anxiety and you feel like you need to talk it out with Sarah to find the right option for you, you can book a FREE Discovery Call with Sarah Kelt. Sarah offers hypnosis audios, online programmes as well as both virtual and in person sessions out of the Auckland office in Parnell.


If you are here for the first time and you are not sure what to do but wish to try something immediately, then please browse the Hypnosos Library in our Shop section of the website.

These audios are available to purchase and download from only $25.

You will need to listen to each audio for 30 days in a row to get the benefit and effect change in your life.

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