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Break Free from Anxiety:
Rediscover Confidence
Joy & Control

Embark on a transformational journey to overcome anxiety for good, and become the best version of yourself. It's time to reclaim the life you deserve.

Join hundreds of Sarah Kelt's clients

who have achieved a calmer, anxiety free and more fulfilling life

through the Freedom From Anxiety online Programme. 

Is anxiety, stress, and burnout
holding you back?

Do you feel overwhelmed,
unable to cope,
and desperate for a change?

Are you experiencing any or all of these symptoms:

Crushing Anxiety

Constant Overthinking

Burnout & Stress

Struggles with Coping

Debilitating Physical Symptoms

What my Client's say


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"The actions that I take on a daily basis now, are very different than what I used to do, they are now coming from a place of freedom love, joy, and total faith in myself and my abilities and my accomplishments. I absolutely recommend it for anyone who is looking for relief and anyone who wants to create a shift in their mind and their beliefs because let's face it the mind is everything. I have done years of therapy, meditation and yoga, but nothing is this effective". 


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"I was able to gain back my confidence and not to worry about my looks anymore. I was finally able to believe that I am a creative and artistic person and that I'm allowed to express myself and make mistakes."


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"I have found happiness within me and I have found that I have everything I need is within me. I thank Sarah for showing me the pathway to freedom from the trap I had created for myself.

This new life I have is beautiful and I hope everyone who has lost their way will meet someone like Sarah to help them find their way back."


"A powerful journey to self-discovery and peace. Highly recommend!" 


"Rapid Transformational Therapy Changed My Life! I Am Now Anxiety-Free And Thriving!"


“It feels so good to have done something so productive and empowering. I have identified my blocks and shadows and am moving towards realising my magnificence.” 


“It is the most powerful work I've ever done to change my view of myself, let go of the self-limiting beliefs that are holding me back and set myself on the path of my true potential.”


“ I have so much understanding on what was happening to me, giving me the tools and techniques that have made significant progress on my wellness. I now feel so much more self compassionate, less conditioned in judgement, and more in control of my mind”


I’m so glad I invested in my health and I hope I can encourage anyone that is struggling and suffering from anxiety to endeavour on finding their happiness with Sarah and her RTT process."


Payment Plans available!
An anxiety-free life is available to you for only 4 payments of $148.75

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Get to Know Sarah

Get to Know Sarah

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I combine Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Personal Coaching,

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy into a holistic wellness process

that ensures you see results in record time.

"I am here to guide and teach you, how you can master your mind and overcome the struggles that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself."

The Break Free From Anxiety Programme:

Coaching Videos
Hypnosis Audios

30 minute 1:1 coaching session with Sarah 







A Rapid Transformational
Therapy Audio


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Hear What Sarah's Clients Have to Say

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Payment Plans available!
An anxiety-free life is available to you for only 4 payments of $148.75

Modules 1-7: An Overview


The Root Cause

We take a look into your mind, your looping thoughts and your belief structure that has laid the foundation of your sense of self-worth.


Taking Control

We begin to learn the power of mastering your mind.  Controlling your inner dialogue and understanding the impact your thoughts have on your body and the outcomes in your life.


The New You

Here we start to work through the changes we want to see. Making healthy choices consistently and building habits sustainably.


The RTT Session

The Rapid Transformational Therapy Session - Through hypnosis techniques and audios, this is where the real magic happens!  


Making Peace

Learning to forgive yourself and others. Box Breathing training.



Self-Confidence hypnosis and RTT session audios to tackle confidence at its root cause.

PLUS You Get 1 x 30 minute 1:1 Coaching Session with Sarah

What Does "Anxiety Free" Look Like?