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As someone who was an alcoholic for many, many years, I encourage you not to hesitate in getting treatment with Sarah if you are struggling with your drinking. I tried many options for quitting drinking over many years, and nothing worked, and I can only describe what Sarah did as magic.

Two and a half hours spent doing hypnotherapy with Sarah changed my life completely. I can walk past the wine aisle in the supermarket, be at a party or restaurant where others are drinking, or think about wine, all without wanting to drink which could never happen before. It does not take any effort on my part – after doing hypnotherapy, I experienced a complete shift where not drinking has become completely effortless. If you are unsure whether or not it works, I can attest from my personal experience that it does.

I had reached a point in my life where I felt like I was on the edge of no return, but I didn't want that to happen to me. I didn't know a lot about hypnotherapy, but I came to Sarah with an open mind and heart and a strong will to change my life and the belief that Sarah could help.

I cannot thank Sarah enough, both on my own behalf and for my family. My life and thoughts used to be almost entirely consumed by alcohol, and now I feel like my whole life has been freed. I don't need to recover from hangovers, think about when I will drink next, or hide things and lie to my family


Month after month after seeing Sarah I can see how I am improving and getting better, almost like I have been born again. My time has become mine again. I have the capacity for seeing friends, doing things I love, resting properly, and generally thinking about things that are not alcohol. This was an almost unimaginable scenario before I saw Sarah.

I am also happy to see how it has affected me physically – my face and body look visibly healthier, and I feel much stronger.

Quitting drinking has also changed my family life. My drinking had been a source of unhappiness, stress, and conflict for my family for a long time, and I noticed that my relationships with them improved dramatically since I stopped drinking. Both myself and my family are much happier and healthier now.


My only regret is that I didn't find Sarah earlier, as this would have changed many years of my life. If you are like I was, feeling like there is no hope left and nothing can help you: do Sarah's programme, and let her help you change your life. I will be forever grateful that I did. 

Victoria, 55 

Having recently gone through RTT with Sarah Kelt I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is an absolute game changer. I sought help for my struggles with alcohol addiction and from the moment I first called Sarah I felt confident in the process.


After my session with Sarah I felt like a different human being, but it wasn’t that I had changed, more that I had found myself again. I had been hiding fear, anger, pain and many other emotions which I couldn’t manage and I had abused alcohol for decades to try and subdue these emotions. Since my time with Sarah I have felt in control of myself, my emotions and my life.


I have found happiness within me and I have found that I have everything I needed is within me. I thank Sarah for showing me the pathway to freedom from the trap I had created for myself.


This new life I have is beautiful and I hope everyone who has lost their way will meet someone like Sarah to help them find their way back.

Sebastian Hurrel

"Holy Shit. Just did an RTT session with Sarah.


My goodness – I’m in awe of how she curated and captured all the rabbits and their holes that we exposed in such a short time.


Yes – I’ve ‘done the work’ and I could go straight there, in connecting rabbits to holes – but for someone to have caught on, got it and then curated it to a Transformational session was quite something.


It felt/ feels so good to have done something so productive and empowering. I have identified my blocks and shadows to moving towards realising my magnificence. She’s got a super power and she is using it.


Highly recommend. There is 3-6 weeks of this integration/ supported guidance now, that I am accountable to.


Yeee Fking Hah is how I feel. Some waves of feelings will no doubt wash over me in the days and weeks coming – and I will welcome those long controlled, repressed and managed emotions and know that I am truly feeling. Feeling to healing.


What a journey …. A surprise around corners that I didn’t even realise were corners. It appears when we are ready. And it appears I am ready. For this bit!"

CT NZ, 46 Years

"Even as I was walking away from Sarah Kelt's session I knew something had profoundly and permanently shifted in me.


Sarah wove a crystal clear thread connecting a traumatic event in my childhood with the beliefs and stories that have grown legs and defined me as an adult. Her technique is deeply revealing and powerful.


Although I visited a difficult time in my life I never felt unsafe, I was incredibly relaxed and she guided and held me through it so perfectly. I don't use the word transformation lightly but this is what was happening on every level of my being.


The real healing is in her choice of words, reprogramming the subconscious, a beautiful dance of pulling apart and then putting back together through a new lense of truth. It is the most powerful work I've ever done to change my view of myself, let go of the self-limiting beliefs that are holding me back and set myself on the path of my true potential.


I feel light, free, powerful, calm. Beyond grateful for your healing work Sarah and so excited about what the future holds!"

Sarah, 46 Years

“The RTT session I had with Sarah was a huge emotional and mental release for me.


After the session I had so many shifts and realisations regarding my attitude and outlook on my life and relationships.


Before meeting Sarah, I struggled with the constant negative dialogue in my mind and found it hard to be present in each day.


Sarah is such a loving and encouraging person. She knew exactly what I was going through and what was coming up for me at each stage in the process and I came away from each chat feeling so positive and ready to take on the world.


Forever grateful!”

Georgia, 24 Years

“What a life changing experience. While exploring my options for help with my alcohol addiction I was drawn to Sarah’s programme and the way it could assist in my recovery process. I was not disappointed. 


I thoroughly benefited from the RRT sessions and continued support throughout the 30-day programme. Sarah really made me feel comfortable about opening up and the ongoing support and care was amazing. The difference I feel in myself is incredible. Proud, happy, and content. My family see this too. 


We are so fortunate that we found Sarah and Mindset Transformations. We hope that others take the leap of faith also and enjoy the happiness that is awaiting them.”

Russell, 50 Years

“I was battling with substance abuse and due to my personal situation I was taking great pleasure at beating myself up, both mentally and due to leading an unsustainable unhealthy lifestyle. I needed help and a catalyst for change which is why looked at RTT and contacted Sarah.

Throughout my experience from my initial consultation, RTT session and multiple follow up conversations, I found Sarah far beyond my expectations. She was so non-judgemental and professional I found I could really open myself up. 

This enabled Sarah to find the deep rooted issues in my life and the reasons behind my actions.

As soon as I came out of the session, my whole mindset had changed and physical cravings non existent. I haven’t looked back since!

I have turned my life around and now lead a healthy lifestyle and my self-sabotage actions have dissipated.

Thank you RTT and Sarah for my life changing experience.”

Anon, 46 Years

"I met Sarah over 12 months ago when I decided it was time to change my life. I did not like who I was and did not see a future for myself. We have had 2 sessions over the past year and words cannot describe what RTT has done for my life. I will be forever grateful to Sarah for her patience, understanding and commitment to what she does daily. I could never have imagined my life would look how it does just 1 year after meeting Sarah for that first session.


Sarah is an inspiration to me to live my life happy and addiction free. Yes, it's been hard steps but with her help, I have managed to overcome addictions that I have had almost all of my life.


Thank you, Sarah. Your programme is life-changing and for me life-saving."

Irene G, 55 Years

“I had been struggling for most of my life with perfectionism and all the limitations that it can bring. I wanted to find something that would help me to address the root cause and truly understand what led me to the place I am in today.


I am a successful business woman and mother of two children but have always been my own worst critic and I was desperate to put things in place to help me recognise my true strengths and appreciate the woman that I am. I came across Sarah by chance and particularly liked the ongoing coaching provided though the RTT programme.


I am so grateful that I took the steps to engage with Sarah and would recommend her services to anyone looking to reach their true potential. Thanks Sarah!”

Jen, 42 Years

"I was lucky to have 2 RTT sessions with Sarah.


After my first session I felt a massive transformation in how I see myself. I was able to gain back my confidence and not to worry about my looks anymore. I was finally able to believe that I am a creative and artistic person and that I'm allowed to express myself and make mistakes.


Within a year I grew to love myself from outside and trust my inner strength. I actually took risks and started my own flower business. With my previous confidence  level I would have never been able to do that. In my first session I struggled to relax and trust the process but even then I had such a huge progress in personal growth that I knew it will be easier the second time around, and it was just MAGICAL.


I was able to experience episodes from my childhood that have built such strong patterns of how I'm acting now as a grown up woman. It was life changing. I know this time my transformation will be much more deeper and I will learn to love myself from inside out. After seeing Sarah I feel like she has become my life-long guardian and teacher.” 

Dita Testimonial.jpeg

Dita K,  Auckland Age 29 years

“My RTT session with Sarah has really helped change my mindset and thought patterns, I was having regular panic attacks that were taking over my health, my wellbeing my quality of life and my relationships.


Sarah gave me so much understanding on what was happening to me, giving me the tools and techniques that have made significant progress on my wellness. I now feel so much more self compassionate, less conditioned in judgement, and more in control of my mind.

I’m so glad I invested in my health and I hope I can encourage anyone that is struggling and suffering from anxiety to endeavour on finding their happiness with Sarah and her RTT process”. 

Page A, Auckland, 29 years old

“I found Sarah very easy to work with, she is supportive, non-judgemental and understanding which really helped when I was trying to stop a long standing habit that I hadn’t been able to stop on my own. 

I felt a shift straight away when doing the hypnosis session. This gave me the confidence to persevere. And Sarah’s encouragement throughout the 30 days definitely helped me to succeed. 


I am still doing me the homework Sarah gave me because I know this will help keep me on track.


I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is struggling with a habit they wish to change.”


"Sarah was very kind and warm and made feel comfortable with my feelings and emotions. This session has changed my life in so many ways, I feel free and full of energy to believe in myself and do anything I want to do.


I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to work on themselves in any area in their life!"

Francisca, 32 Years



I started seeing someone who is amazingly sweet and fun, honours me and cherishes me (just like in the recording! Hehe)

My business is growing and I’m taking massive action steps. I’ve given myself a deadline of one month to book my first speaking gig.

I started doing videos and I speak so fluently in conversations with people.  I honour and cherish my body and it is beginning to look the hottest it ever has.  My core belief is that I am a miraculous human here to spread love and positivity with the world.


Cannot thank you enough for the great work you have done”  


“This experience has been sooo so powerful Sarah and I am obsessed with listening to my recording, hah.


I am amazing!!! I love and myself more and more each day. I have really cultivated new thoughts which appear throughout my days and I feel so confident and uplifted ."


"Thank you very much. I would say I feel like magic but that’s a fucking understatement. I have my voice back!!!! I am so powerful and literally, birds are chirping inside my soul. I got off the phone with you and started to dance. I woke up and danced. I danced throughout the day and tonight, and SANG.


It felt fucking good to feel that rage and that anger within me that you walked me through. I OWN it. My mission is still to absolutely spread love and beauty and peace but to also let people know it’s not okay to hurt others over. I won’t have it. It stops with me.


I will stand up for peace love and justice. I will express myself and embrace my divine feminist,


I just feel so awake, so powerful. So confident. I am a miracle and I will serve as one.”


“Words literally cannot express the gratitude I have.


You’re never leaving my life hahaha and whenever I go through shit you’re literally the first person I am calling.


Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo times a million"


“What a transformation. There is no barrier between me and the life I want to live. I deserve and am worthy of everything I desire. I love you so so so so so much!!”


“Hey Sarah, wow just wow. I dreamt for the first time in 3 years. I haven’t dreamt since my mom died in 2017. I had so much grief inside of me too, but that’s all gone now.

To think I came to you for procrastination and now I’m feeling so compassionate with myself.


Thank you so much hun”


“Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for your help and amazing therapy. I felt quite heavy yesterday. Today I woke up full of energy and I feel much more free and open than before. Looking forward to fall asleep with your recording and all the good thoughts about myself.”


“Hi Sarah, I’m tired but feeling good. Definitely more chilled and feeling more at peace. I had an amazing sleep last night and I’m sure I will tonight too!! Thanks for my recording and thanks so much for yesterday. Xx ”


"Thank you so much Sarah, it was incredible this morning, been processing all of that, I know it’s only the beginning and a reminder of who I am and where I come from. So many thoughts are crossing my mind while trying to work…But  I feel great! "


"Hi Sarah, Yes I have noticed a shift, like: I used to stop at the bottle shop on my way to rehearsals every week to get wine, it was every single week no matter what I had to get some alcohol and since our session I didn’t even look at it and felt no cravings or anything, and also for my first time in many years I say NO to free drinks at my events!"


“I have been feeling anxious and worried for many years now and have never been able to pin point the cause of my anxiety or get rid of it.

After one RTT session with Sarah I felt so much clarity around where the anxiety stemmed from, and realised that the negative self talk that I experienced in my head each day was the main culprit.

Sarah taught me how to recognise those negative thoughts and change them to positive ones. So now my subconscious thoughts are congruent with my conscious thoughts.


I am so happy with the changes I have already experienced and am excited to learn more.

Thank you so much for your insight Sarah.”

Amy, Bali

“As soon as I first spoke with Sarah I felt at ease and comfortable discussing personal issues that I hadn’t shared with anyone before. She understood me, and was so genuine. I felt that she really did care about supporting me to understand where my issues came from.

I enjoyed the RTT session very much. I felt deeply relaxed and when it was completed I felt a huge sense of relief or lightness in my body. I noticed a shift in my mood immediately and over the next few weeks I continued to feel better and better.

I am so happy to have found Sarah and would highly recommend her.”

Jenny, Auckland

“My session with Sarah, and the personalised recording I listened to following our session, has had a profoundly positive effect on my life.

Over the last 5 months I’ve felt released from past negative beliefs and I feel I have a clean slate from which to work from.

I’m feeling more content and empowered than ever before and am excited about how the next chapter of my life will unfold.” 

Alison, Sydney

“Sarah miraculously helped me easily free myself from past traumas and the need to escape from them with alcohol. 


The RTT hypnosis session was very insightful on why I was suffering.  I felt relaxed, comfortable and safe throughout the session.  The follow-up personalised hypnosis recording was easy to commit to on a busy day. In fact, it was soothing and something I looked forward to doing. 


Sarah gave great support without judgement and was able to easily draw out issues I needed to address.  The whole process has been so easy and I can’t thank Sarah enough for not only helping me to be alcohol-free but to become more mindful and at peace.   I’m so grateful to be the best version of myself."

"Mrs Graham"

"Thank you so much for helping me easily achieve my goal of becoming alcohol-free.  The whole process was a wonderful journey. Not only do I have no desire for alcohol I feel so much more at peace with my past.  I feel liberated!


I will definitely be recommending you."


What a game-changer this program has been for me! It’s like I had been wearing fogged-up glasses, without realising, Sarah was able to help me remove the fog, giving me a whole new perspective on myself and how I’m creating in my life.

I was coming to the realisation that I just couldn't go on the way I was going; there was nothing good coming out of my addictions, so I took the plunge and booked a call with Sarah. She was so easy to talk to, she held a safe space for me to open up and really get to the bottom of why I had been drinking, avoiding and numbing. With Sarah’s RTT program  I was able to achieve, what so many attempts before, I had been unable to do -  becoming sober instantly and with ease! 


Becoming sober has had a flow on effect to many other areas of my life; I feel and look so much better since becoming sober. I am calmer, happier, and sleep so much better. Now I actually deal with issues when they come up, instead of pushing them down by reaching for a vice. The weight that I could never move and keep off has melted away. I now have a level of awareness about my internal programming that I didn't have before, which has allowed me to identify, short circuit and reprogram so I am no longer on a hamster wheel of self-sabotage or negative thinking. 


If you are on the fence about whether or not to book a call with Sarah – do it – you have nothing to lose (except the addictive behaviour) and everything to gain. Life on the other side of addiction is full of so much possibility.


Be our next client success story!

Dita Testimonial.jpeg
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