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The Subconscious Solution: Hypnosis & RTT

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Hypnotherapy looks less like clucking like a chicken on a stage, and more like a well-researched reframing tool for understanding our deepest fears and desires. Sarah Kelt of Mindset Transformations lets Nadia Shaw-Owens, of WOMAN Magazine, into therapy’s best kept secret.

Sarah Kelt by a spiral staircase talking about accessing the subconscious
Sarah Kelt talks to WOMAN Magazine

It took a complete emotional and physical breakdown to convince Sarah Kelt to make a career change from investment banking to becoming a clinical hypnotherapist. A debilitating anxiety problem began to creep up on Sarah when she was living in London in the early 2000s working in a corporate banking environment – male-dominated and high-pressure, of course.

Sarah didn’t pinpoint her anxiety as an issue at first, living her 30 years of life thus far with a perfectionist nature meant she was well accustomed to feeling strung out. Her body knew before she did. “I had constant nausea. I had so much physical pain in my body. I wasn't injured - it was just all the tension and all the emotion and all the stress that I was putting myself under constantly,” says Sarah.

Chronic anxiety,low self-esteem,and deep unhappiness left Sarah feeling “completely broken”. It was time for change, so she visited a psychologist, tried a counsellor, and booked in for massages, but none of these held her solution, until Sarah experienced a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session.

The Power of Rapid Transformational Therapy

“It had such a profound impact on me that I immediately decided to retrain and become a RTT practitioner and a Clinical Hypnotherapist,” says Sarah. Leaving behind her previous career ambitions, Sarah threw herself into the studies of mental transformation through hypnotherapy, feeling a strong desire to share her newly acquired life lesson to as many as she could.

There are many kinds of hypnotherapy, and Sarah is an advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist, which uses a combination of talk therapy, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and principles of neuroscience. This blend, which she describes as “therapy on steroids”, takes form in a two-hour session that wriggles and writhes its way to finding the root cause of a presenting problem.

Hypnosis is all about working with the subconscious mind, which is the storehouse of feelings, thoughts, and urges that are outside of our conscious awareness. This reservoir of emotions control and serve as the programming for our conscious mind – so they are crucial to understanding our own behaviours. Sarah’s RTT sessions work to relax her client to a point where their conscious mind takes a backstep, allowing access to the subconscious root causes and reasons for destructive behaviour.

“When you're in hypnosis, it's kind of like your conscious mind, which is your judgement and your ego, is in the background. So when your conscious mind is quieted down and I'm

asking you questions, we really get to the good, juicy answers of what is driving these unhelpful patterns,” explains Sarah.

This process, as one can imagine, is incredibly intense. Many of Sarah’s clients experience an emotional release during or after the session – even the gruffest of farmers and tradies.

“It is a very profound, liberating experience. The majority of feedback I get from people is

that very quickly, they feel a significant shift, right from the next day; they wake up and they feel different. It’s like the weight of this big heavy cloud they've been carrying around with them has gone”, says Sarah.

Of course, you have to want the change. Rapid Transformational Therapy is strengthened and coupled with daily modules and recordings, which Sarah Kelt constructs in her programmes for each client. The secret to success is the incremental steps, consistency and repetition, which hypnotherapy-deniers always seem to discount.

Hypnosis - Hocus Pocus? Or The Honest Truth?

“There is quite the stigma around it. I think it stems from the hypnotist stage shows that present people going onto a stage, being placed under a hypnotic trance, and then acting

out silly things. I'm not going to take over any minds. That is absolutely not what hypnotherapy is about.

“It's an ancient healing technique, and it has been used by many different cultures around

the world for a long, long time! It’s very holistic. It looks at our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. I'm here only to heal and help people understand what is going on, and to give them the opportunity to be free from what is afflicting them.”

Sarah Kelt DPS Ad in WOMAN Magazine
Sarah Kelt Featured in WOMAN Magazine

Cover WOMAN Magazine Dec 2023
WOMAN Magazine Dec 2023

This article first ran in Vol.1 of WOMAN Magazine in New Zealand 2023.

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