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"My goal is for you to be your most empowered self. To feel confident and healthy, to follow your passion, to discover self-worth and to create a life of balance and harmony."

Here are a selection of hypnosis recordings suited to your needs

Selective and Moderate Drinker

If you are feeling like you are a bit out of control with the amount you drink and how often you drink… then this hypnosis recording is for you… These days it is all too easy to let alcohol take over our lives as it is such an effective way to relax and let go after a hard day at work or when we feel emotionally dysregulated. Opening the fridge and pouring yourself a drink is the ‘go to’ solution for so many people. We can fool ourselves into thinking we’ll just have one, but often 1 turns into 2 which turns into 5… and when we drink that much 3, 4 or even 5 days a week… it really is not good for us. Drinking too often and too much really is not good for our physical health, but it also has a very negative impact on our emotional and mental health.


If you have been having those nagging thoughts that you are drinking too much and want to make a positive change and drink less, less often… then give this hypnosis recording a whirl. Listen for 30 days at least and reprogram your subconscious mind to easily drink less... Before you know it you won’t even be thinking about alcohol mid week… and you will FEEL so much better, mentally, emotionally and physically!



Believe in yourself  - Self Worth



Are you ready to develop unshakable confidence feeling empowered and living as a full expression of yourself?

You deserve to feel comfortable in your skin, and feel safe to just be YOURSELF… So let’s get busy building your self-worth and self-esteem so you can be your best self and love your life.

This hypnosis recording will upgrade your subconscious beliefs, habits and behaviours… you will feel more connected to yourself, and those around you… and you will start to let go of exhausting patterns of behaviour like people pleasing, procrastinating, over giving and over achieving.. and become grounded in knowing who the F*** you are and how worthy you are!

Anxiety Free

Anxiety can truly be so debilitating and exhausting. I know… I have been there. It is horrible!

What I do know is that it is absolutely possible to overcome anxiety.

When we are in anxiety it feels like we are not in control of our mind or body. It feels like someone else is up in our mind running the programs. We overthink, catastrophise, think of all the worst-case scenarios, ruminate on the past… and thinking these thoughts does not serve us as our body responds to all those thoughts, which is why we feel so uncomfortable in our skin, we feel tense, sick to our stomach, shakey, we can feel short of breath or like our heart is racing. It’s miserable!\


I want you to know, you CAN take charge of your thoughts… and you CAN process anxiety out of your body and your mind. Listen to this recording every day for at least 30 days to reprogram your subconscious mind to feel calm, relaxed and totally in control of your thoughts.



Build Unbreakable Resilience


By listening to this recording you are going to re program new beliefs habits and behaviours that will support you to move towards being a more courageous , resilient and tenacious version of yourself. Embodying new ways of thinking, acting, behaving and feeling… so that you can overcome any challenge that life may present you, developing phenomenal coping skills and self belief so that you can live your best life, feeling calm, grounded, relaxed and UNSTOPPABLE.


Self Sovereignty

Are you ready to embrace self leadership in every aspect of your life, to reclaim sovereignty and authority over yourself? Are you ready to stand up for yourself with power, with courage and fierce love and to be your most true authentic self?


Are you ready to be done with being a people pleaser, to be done with putting everyone else before yourself, to be done with trying to make every one happy, at the expense of your own happiness. And are you absolutely done with wearing lots of different masks, trying to fit in… and be what you “think’ others want you to be.

If so, then listen to this hypnosis recording for 30 days and those behaviours will be in your past.



Release Resistance and Let Go



During the course of your life, you have had experiences, and things have happened to you or around you that have caused you to feel hurt, sad, angry or not good enough. These feelings have created within you, some limiting beliefs and resulting behaviours that are now hurting you.

It is possible that you pushed those feelings down, and tried to sweep them under the carpet … but they didn’t actually go anywhere, and now you may still be holding on to these feelings and emotions. You may have also created habits of behaviour that were supposed to protect you or help you, you may have built some walls around you, some resistance, to isolate yourself so that you don’t get hurt again…

I want you to know that holding onto the feelings from the past is hurting you… staying stuck behind the walls that you built to protect yourself is also hurting you…

It is time now to release those stored feelings and let go of any resistance that is stopping you from living your best life, feeling free, calm, happy and relaxed.

This hypnosis recording will allow you to release stored tension, emotions, and resistance that does not serve you as well as upgrade your beliefs at the subconscious level so that you can live a life of peace, calm and freedom.

Deep Sleep

Good quality sleep is extremely important for our mental, emotional and physical health.

Often, we can develop very bad sleeping patterns and a negative mindset about our ability to sleep. This negative self-talk about sleep and the perpetual expectation that we won’t sleep well because we have always been a ‘bad sleeper’… creates even more resistance to sleep. It is possible to retrain your brain to know and believe that sleeping well is your birthright… you were born with the ability to sleep and you still have the ability within you now.


Listen to this recording at night, when you intend to sleep… to reprogram your subconscious beliefs and self-talk, and upgrade yourself to know that you are an excellent sleeper and sleep will come easily and effortlessly in any environment.



Become Free from the clutches of Alcohol


You deserve to be free from the clutches of alcohol for good, and take back control of your life the easy way. With this powerful reprogramming hypnosis recording, you can do just that. Listen to this recording everyday, for at least 30 days to reprogram your subconscious mind to forget about alcohol, to reduce cravings and have the life you truly want and deserve... no more guilt, shame and beating yourself up, because you DRANK TOO MUCH, AGAIN...



Have you noticed that you have this pattern of putting off doing things that need to be done? You wait till the last minute, or you waste time doing all sorts of ‘OTHER THINGS’, and not doing ‘THE THING’ that really needs to be done. Then it weighs you down, hangs over you, and you beat yourself up for NOT doing that ‘THING’.

Well, there is a subconscious reason why you procrastinate… And it is possible to reprogram and upgrade your subconscious beliefs so that procrastinating is no longer something you do.

It is time to get SH*T done… to live life to your fullest potential. Listen to this recording every day for 30 days and you will find it easy to do the hardest thing first, and be super productive in all areas of your life!



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Not seeing what you are looking for?

I can create a personalized package for you


Important - Please Read!

Disclaimer: These are advanced reprogramming hypnosis recordings. You will be put into a deeply relaxed hypnotic state ( like a meditation). The more you allow yourself to relax into the process, the more powerful your experience will be. Everyone who wants to be hypnotised, can be. You just have to decide to let yourself relax and try to be as present as you can by listening to the words I say and doing the visualisation exercises.

This therapy is not suitable or advised for anyone who has epilepsy or any form of psychosis.

You understand that Sarah Kelt is not a licensed physician, psychologist, psychiatrist or medical practitioner so any recommendations by Sarah Kelt are not intended to substitute the diagnosis and care by a qualified physician.

In continuing, you hereby release Sarah Kelt from any liability or claims that could be made against her concerning your mental and/or physical well-being.

You accept that while RTT has a high success rate, Sarah Kelt does not guarantee any results and the success of the session(s) depends greatly on your own ability and desire to affect change.

You understand that in order to participate fully in the process you must listen to the daily hypnosis recording for 30 days which is very important for the overall success and a positive outcome.

Do not listen to this recording while driving.

This is a self-guided experience. If you feel you may have any triggers from past events then please contact me for a Free Consultation as you may wish to work more deeply one to one.


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