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Discover the most simple approach you can take right now to positively impact your body, mind, and life. 

Welcome! I'm Sarah Kelt

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I'd love to help you undergo a rapid transformation to heal and cure whatever is holding you back.

There Is Nothing Wrong With You

  • Do you think there is something wrong with you?

  • Have you tried ‘everything’ and nothing has helped?

  • Are you sick and tired of feeling like your mind is in control and that your life is out of control?

  • Do you feel guilt and shame every day for the ‘secrets’ you hide?

  • Do you beat yourself up and doubt yourself in everything you do?

  • Do you feel like you are living a lie??

When we are in a state of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, depression, lacking in self-belief due to constant negative self-talk and self-doubt, or when we have an addiction we feel like we are not in control.

It feels like our mind is running us.

And often that is the truth. 

But that is all about to change...

"I met Sarah over 12 months ago when I decided it was time to change my life. I did not like who I was and did not see a future for myself. We have had 2 sessions over the past year and words cannot describe what RTT has done for my life. I will be forever grateful to Sarah for her patience, understanding and commitment to what she does daily. I could never have imagined my life would look how it does just 1 year after meeting Sarah for that first session.


Sarah is an inspiration to me to live my life happy and addiction free. Yes, it's been hard steps but with her help, I have managed to overcome addictions that I have had almost all of my life.


Thank you, Sarah. Your programme is life-changing and for me life-saving."

Irene G, 55 Years

Hi! I'm Sarah Kelt

I want to share with you that I have been where you are now and you can read more about my story here.


Since hitting my lowest point about 8 years ago, I have been deeply committed to my own personal journey of self-discovery and growth. In the process, I tried many different healing modalities, spent hours upon hours learning about and understanding the mind (conscious and subconscious), taken personal growth and leadership courses, and participated in numerous meditation, mindfulness and breathwork practices and programmes. The most important of which I believe is the Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) training. 

I combine RTT, Personal Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy into a holistic wellness process that ensures you see results in record time.

I am here to guide and teach you, how you can master your mind and overcome the struggles that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself.

I work with people who:


I work globally using Zoom or face-to-face in my Auckland office in Parnell.

Even as I was walking away from Sarah Kelt's session I knew something had profoundly and permanently shifted in me. Sarah wove a crystal clear thread connecting a traumatic event in my childhood with the beliefs and stories that have grown legs and defined me as an adult. Her technique is deeply revealing and powerful.


Although I visited a difficult time in my life I never felt unsafe, I was incredibly relaxed and she guided and held me through it so perfectly. I don't use the word transformation lightly but this is what was happening on every level of my being. The real healing is in her choice of words, reprogramming the subconscious, a beautiful dance of pulling apart and then putting back together through a new lense of truth. It is the most powerful work I've ever done to change my view of myself, let go of the self-limiting beliefs that are holding me back and set myself on the path of my true potential.


I feel light, free, powerful, calm. Beyond grateful for your healing work Sarah and so excited about what the future holds!

Sarah 46 years

Sarah's Accreditation's

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“Thank you for everything you have done and helped me do. I am forever grateful and appreciative! I hope you and your family are well. So many thanks.” 

- JF x 

“I’m still free of alcohol and feeling great about life. I have definitely had some real challenging times ie: the passing of my dad, typical summer events etc. I am really proud of myself on where I have got to with this and I would like to thank you for what you did. I have a lot clearer mind and not only family but our wider friends are starting to see what it looks like and are wanting to jump on board as well. Thanks so much Sarah.” 

- RG (sent 6 months after completing the program) 

“I just want to say that what you did was exactly what I needed, and to reinforce you do a GREAT job. I will be ever grateful and also happy because I ask for help and I found the right person for that!” 

- Julia

“I have been waiting for a moment when I could really just sit down and express my thoughts and feelings, the progress I feel is real.. Your bright and positive vibes make it  easy to open up straight from the first moment.. It felt like I was in the place I should be for this next part of my journey.


I still have good days and bad, but the good now definitely outweighs the bad by so much. It's a massive exhale when I look back on what used to be.. Thank you.” 

- LJ

“When I went to Sarah I was suffering from anxiety, sleeplessness and stomach issues. Each problem was fuelling the other.  I had tried doctors and specialists but I was getting nowhere. I am very happy to say I now feel confident, calm and relaxed. I sleep well and my stomach issues have gone. I fully embraced the program and my life is back on track again. I am very grateful to be optimistic about life again and  to have a healthy path to follow for the future.” 

- Rob

“Hi Sarah, I can’t thank you enough for turning my life around!! You’re so awesome!
Just to let you know my life is going so awesome after giving up alcohol for 6 months now. My life is so different now, I have achieved so much. Thank you, Thank you.” 

- AM

"Sarah, I just wanted to touch base today and say thank you for choosing to take the experiences you've had in this life, and turn them into a journey that cares for, helps, supports, and inspires others. 


From the little you've shared I understand that your life has been a big journey, full of the joys and challenges this life has to offer. So for you to end up in a profession that is fundamentally focused on bringing others back to their hearts, and supporting them to be free of addiction is truly amazing.

Thanks for your time, your care, and for the inspiration."

- MH

Are you tired of searching for
the answers in so many different places?

Access the personalised support and therapy to support you in transforming what holds you back. Are you tired of searching for all the answers in many different places?

There are whole industries dedicated to telling you you’re broken. You need fixing. You’ll only be good enough when you progress more - do better - achieve more - until you actually can't deal with the burn out and start asking yourself - what do I really want? Who am I? 


That “success” and pressure of having more, doing more and being more means having a certain job, looking a certain way and living a certain lifestyle. And telling yourself all sorts of interesting stories. Until you break.

But let’s be honest, many health and wellness professionals –  will focus on what is wrong with you and spend months or even years focus on what is wrong.

You don’t need fixing. You just need tools that work in mind transformation. What you need is an internal revolution and relief from what you feel on a daily basis.

As a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist (what I do includes Psychotherapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Personal Coaching) -  I am driven by a desire to help everyone understand the simplicity of being able to smash through their limiting beliefs, to help you to see that everything you want and dream of is available to you and that usually the only person holding you back is YOU!

I support those who are going through a transition, challenge or change in their lives personally or professionally, whether it be Stress Management, Financial Resilience, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn), Self Confidence, Self Worth and Belief, Weight/Eating Disorders and simply helping overcome life’s hurdles.

Based in Auckland, I work with clients around NZ and internationally via Zoom. Through my powerful guidance, coaching techniques and my secret weapon,